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The Agent Assistant is not a LUCS component but an optional client-sided applicationIt relies on the Agent Manager component to retrieve the agent information (traits, assigned services) specified during Agent Management


  1. Run the LUCS.AA.Setup.msi
  2. On the  Luware-LUCS-AA Configuration Settings  screen of the setup pay attention to fill the
    1. Instance Name
    2. Port number
    3. Configure Certificate Security
    4. Configure Domains

      Luware-LUCS-AA Configuration Settings screen
      Instance NameName of your LUCS server
      Port NumberThe port number to add. If nothing is specified, the default port (19400) is used.
      Logging PathPath used for logging. 
      Configure Certificate Security

      The thumbprint is a hash value generated over the complete certificate.

      →  See  Prepare Certificate Thumbprint

    5. For security reason LUCS provides possibility to use certificate-based encryption and verification during the components communication. To configure certificate based authentication, select ‘Configure Certificate Security’ check box and press ‘Next’ button to open a page with server certificate settings.

      ModeTransfer security modes offered by WCF to ensure a secured communication between a client and a server.None : This mode ensures that no security is applied while communication between server and client.

      Transport: As the name suggests, it is concerned with security of communication between a client and a service over a network protocol. It guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of messages at transport level since transport security secures the entire communication channel.

      Validation ModeThe mode that specifies how incoming certificate is validated and how trust is determined .None: In this mode no validation is perfomed.

      ChainTrust: : In this mode WCF simply validates the certificate against the issuer of a certificate known as a root authority (the expiration time is checked too).

      PeerTrust: In this mode WCF simply checks if the incoming certificate is installed in the Trusted People folder in the certificate store (the expiration time is checked too).

      PeerOrChainTrust: Mixed mode.

      Is DedicatedThe flag that defins which certificate is used for encryption.False: Encryption is done with default certificate. It means that certificate with the hostname of the machinefrom the Personal Store is used on server side.

      True: Encryption is done with a dedicated certificate. It means there is  possibility to configure identifier (thumbprint) of the certificate.

      ThumbprintThe thumbprint is a hash value computed over the complete certificate, which includes all its fields, including the signature.

      →  See Prepare Certificate Thumbprint
  3. Finish the installation.

Post-Setup Configuration

(info) Agent Assistant relies on an Agent Assistant Configuration after the installation of LUCS is completed.

(lightbulb) All details of this setup may be accessed via config files, located in the default installation directory: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Luware AG\LUCS - Agent Assistant

Look for files with .config extension


As a first step we recommend to have the AA tray icon and SfB client permanently in the task bar:

  1. Left Click on arrow in your system tray
  2. Drag and drop the tray icons for SfB and/or AA into the tray area