Due to its high scalability, LUCS is able to cover the contact center needs of companies of all sizes. LUCS provides targeted routing of all communication channels such as chat and web chat, voice, video, email, fax and social media. The native integration with Skype for Business guarantees that the existing Microsoft Unified Communications infrastructure can be optimally used and expanded.

An overview of LUCS System Components

  • Luware-LUCS-AC (Agent Controller)
  • Luware-LUCS-AM (Agent Manager)
  • Luware-LUCS-CI (Calendar Integration)
  • Luware-LUCS-CIC (Customer Infrastructure Connector)
  • Luware-LUCS-CR (Conversation Recording)
  • Luware-LUCS-ICH (Interactive Conversation Handler)
  • Luware-LUCS-MM (Mail Manager)
  • Luware-LUCS-PS (Persistence Service)
  • Luware-LUCS-SMD (SIP Message Dispatcher)
  • Luware-LUCS-FE (Front end of the Web Application)
  • Luware-LUCS-FeCore (Front End Core)
  • Luware-LUCS-MMClient (Silverlight Application for post calls)
  • Luware-LUCS-Configurator (System configuration definition)

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CRM Integration

When a CRM, ERP, or ticket system is integrated with LUCS, customer-specific information is displayed directly in the context window of the Microsoft Skype for Business client, or launched via URL when calls or chats are accepted. An URL or external App may also be opened directly for agents upon receiving a call.  

LUCS integration in other systems


All conversations generated within LUCS can be recorded and archived using Verint Verba’s integrated Collaboration Compliance Recording solution.  Verint Financial Compliance optimizes communication recording, analysis and control. It offers comprehensive features for recording conversations. 

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Dashboards & Reporting

LUCS contains customizable web-based dashboards for agents and supervisors, as well as public wallboards. The widget-based supervisor dashboard delivers real-time agent status and services as well as many more interaction and control options. Additionally, the entire Contact Center history, including Customer Journey and graphically processed service views, can be retrieved at any time. All information which is relevant for Reporting can be stored in a company-own data warehouse and, together with the provided standard reports, analyzed on the basis of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerBI.

LUCS Reporting templates for Power BI

(info) Learn more about Reporting in both the LUCS LUCS Web FrontEnd and our Historic Reporting section.