The Dashboard reporting feature will automatically display an embedded BI-Report with the latest service and agent metrics.


To use this feature the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. The use User to give access to BI Reports must have a Power BI Pro account.
  2. We will provide you with a BI Report template (.pbix) suitable for your version of LUCS. This must be uploaded to your Power BI Worspace and made available. The procedure is explained in Managing BI User and Data access
    1. (tick) A shared BI Report access URL is generated as result of this process.
    2. All future reporting users must be considered (e.g. as an AD group) to Sync with LUCS.
  3. The Dashboard Frontend setup needs to be installed.
    1. As part of the Setup the BI Report URL is configured as a parameter. With V3.5 this option is also available directly in the configuration backend.
  4. Afterwards Supervisor > Reporting > Agent / Service rights need to given via Role Based Access - RBAC 
    → Afterwards the users with the permission get access to an extra tab in the Dashboard.

The Power BI Report will look as follows, depending on the connected data source: 

Power BI Report

The functionality of the Report is explained on Template Details