The 'Agent Dimension' widget allows supervisors to inspect personal agent information within the assigned organization unit. 

(info) Agents may use this widget as well but only see their own details

Agent Dimension Widget

The widget has the following controls:

Control Name



Agent SfB picture.

  • The picture can be hidden via widget properties > "Small view" option
  • A blue border signals that the agent is under Supervision

SfB Presence State icons

States / Set State

Shows the SfB state of that Agent. The following relations of the color and SfB States exist:

  • Gray – user is Offline, IdleOnline, IdleBusy, Inactive, None. Also used for Agents belonging to another Organization than the your user account logged into LUCS Frontend.
  • Green – Online;
  • Yellow – Away, Be Right Back, Appear Away, Off Work, RONA state. → Also see 2019-12-11_09-10-40_Reset RONA State
  • Red – Busy;
  • Red with white dash – Do not Disturb.

    (info) Agent Presence State can be changed by supervisors → See Agent Presence State Management


SIP address of the corresponding Agent.

First Name

The first Name of the corresponding Agent.

Last Name

The last Name of the corresponding Agent.


Organization Unit Name, which the corresponding Agent belongs to.


A list of assigned responsibility Profiles available to that Agent.

(info) The Agent Profile can be changed by supervisors. → See Agent Profile Management