The ‘Callback Tasks’ widget shows all the current incomplete callback sessions in the contact center.

Callback Tasks Widget

‘Callback Tasks’ widget

‘Callback Tasks’ WidgetThe widget has the following controls:

Control Name



Sip address of a customer.


State of callback tasks:

  • – Pending – session is created
  • – In Queue – the callback is in the queue to be answered, the search of an agent  is started
  • – Processing – the callback task has been accepted by an agent, and the outbound dialout to the customer has been made
  • – Terminated – the callback is done and the parties are hanging up

Due Date

The planned date and time of the Callback.

(info) Uses local time and Time Format that has been set by currently logged in user.


Service Name.

Retries Count

The number of attempts made to reach this customer.


The creator of callback task is listed here:

  • Workflow Activity (when created as part of a workflow item: callback task
  • Supervisor Name (when initiated by a supervisor)