The 'Historical Inbound Agent Sessions' widget shows current-day Agents sessions in order of occurence to provide supervisor with an overview what Agents have done that day. 

Historical Inbound Agent Sessions Widget

The widget has the following controls:

Control Name



Agent picture as defined in SfB. 

tinymce.emotions_dlg.information Can be set to small status icon via widget settings.

Possible states:

  • Gray – user is Offline, IdleOnline, IdleBusy, Inactive, None. Also used for Agents belonging to another Organization than the your user account logged into LUCS Frontend.
  • Green – Online;
  • Yellow – Away, Be Right Back, Appear Away, Off Work, RONA state.
  • Red – Busy;
  • Red with white dash – Do not Disturb. 

First Name

The first Name of the corresponding Agent.

Last Name

The last Name of the corresponding Agent.


Service Name, which a customer makes the call to.


Time when the Agent Session has been started.


Shows if RONA state was set to the Agent.
(info) RONA stands for Redirect On No Answer. If the call was missed or declined by the Agent, the RONA state is automatically applied to this Agent. The checkbox is selected and the corresponding row is highlighted with light-red color.

(info) RONA state can be reset by Supervisors → Also see Reset RONA State

Ringing Time

Ringing duration time until the call was accepted.

Working Time

Time duration shows how long the customer was connected to the Agent.


ACW – after call work.
Time of the Agent ACW between Acw Started Time and AcwTerminated Time.

(info) This value is configurable for Agent Assistant and specific for each service. It can be extended by the Agent over the Agent Assistant.