The 'Historical Inbound Service Sessions' widget shows for Supervisor all the sessions, which have been terminated per today (since 00:00:00), including lost sessions.

Historical Inbound Service Sessions widget

The widget has the following controls:




Service Name.


Sip address of a customer.


Time when the customer started the call to call center.


Shows if the call was lost.

If the call was declined by the customer until the Agent has accepted it, the session is marked as lost, the checkbox is selected and the corresponding row is highlighted with light-red color.

Time until Accepted

Time when the call was accepted by the LUCS-ICH service.

Time in IVR

Time duration in IVR. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is everything between Accept call until the call is queued.

Time Waiting in Queue

Time duration that shows how long the customer has been waiting in the queue to get connected.

Connected to Agent Time

Time duration shows the talk time between customer and agent.


Recording of the session made by Verba:

  • Upon clicking 'Recording' icon, the Verba UI with the Call Details are opened in a separate Tab

On Verba API Exception

An error is thrown in the following cases:

  • 'Recording cannot be played at the moment. The service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.'
  • 'There is no recording for the selected session' 
  • If no URL value is set in the Application configure file, then the Recording column is not displayed.