Goal: As Supervisor I want to enable my Agents to make calls 'on behalf' of a Service (impersonate)
Complexity: Low

Related Chapters: General Service SettingsImpersonation Functionality

Enable the "Conversation As" Feature

1Service Settings (Outbound)

Check "Enable Service for Conversation as a Service"

Service is now configured for impersonation by all Agents in the respective Organization Unit.
2Service Settings (General Information)

If the telephone number of the service is to be displayed to the customer,
then it is mandatory that a number is stored in the service that is used for 'Conversation As / 'Call As' calls.
3Service Settings (Distribution)

Change direction type to

  • Outbound - if the service should only be used for outgoing calls / 'Conversation As' calls
  • Inbound/Outbound - if the service should be used for incoming and outgoing calls / 'Conversation As' calls


This configuration step was not necessary before LUCS 3.6!

4Service Settings (Distribution)

Assigning the necessary traits for this service

Service is now configured with the necessary rights (Traits) that an agent needs to be able to make Call As calls for this service.
5Agent Editing - Single and Bulk (General Information)

Select one (or several) Agents who work for the same service and access their "General Information" tab

Locate the Agent -> "Enable AV Conversation as a Service" section and set the allowed conversation direction as needed:

Selected agents are now allowed to impersonate as the Service in the allowed conversation direction. 
6Agent Assistant (Client Side)

Within Agent Assistant you (as Agent) may now use the feature by selecting the Service in the "Call As" menu.
→ After a service is selected, any call from the agent to any contact will go on behalf of this service

Agent Assistant - Call As "Service" Selection

(lightbulb) To disable the feature, ‘None’ option has to be selected

(info)  Services are only available to an agent if an active duty profile is selected (and part of that service). The agent must also be set as responsible for that service.

Scenario: Call a customer phone on behalf of a service

(tick) Preconditions: Conversation as feature is enabled and configured

1Agent Assistant

Agent has his Agent Assistant running and opts to "Call as": ‘Help Call Center

After the selection, the Agent maces an audio call to a customer's phone number

The customer receives the call from the ‘Help Call Center’ service
2Agent Assistant

The agent now leaves his Agent Assistant option unchanged. 

The agent now performs a call to a customer's Skype for Business account. 

Customer doesn’t receive the call from ‘Help Call Center’ service but the calling Agent instead.

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 032