Goal: Learn how to use CCTX for Mail services
Complexity: High
Preconditions: LUCS is installed including the LUCS Component 'Mail Manger' (separate server license for Mail manager is needed!) , at least one Mail Service is set up.

Related Chapters: Conversation ContextMail Context, Mail Default Answers, Mail Services

Configuring Conversation Context for a Mail Service

1Topology / 0365 & Exchange Settings

Depending on your environment add new Exchange Tenant.

O356 is not supported for Mail Manager / Mail Services!

2Topology / CredentialsAdd the necessary credentials for the Exchange Tenant.

3Topology / Mailboxes

Add a new Mailbox for the Mail Service.

  • Credentials:
    • Choose the credetilas configured in Step 2
  • Exchange Tenant:
    • Choose Tenant configured in Step 1
  • Use Impersonation:
    • Just choose this option if impersonation is configured for the Echange Tenant
    • Account: Add the Mail-Address of the account
  • Default Value:
    • Not relevant for Mail-Boxes (only if also used for callender / openig hours)
  • Organisation Unit:
    • Choose responsible OU

4Services / Conversation Context

Add Conversation Context (CCTX ).

  • Name:
    • Choose a name for the CCTX
  • Application GUID:
    • Provided by LUCS
  • Internal URL:
    • Configure URL for internal tasks
  • External URL:
    • Configure URL for external tasks
  • Application Path:
    • empty
  • Inital Link:
    • empty
  • Windowse Type:
    • Choose size of the CC window
  • Type:
    • Choose Web
  • Organisation Unit:
    • Choose responsible OU
  • Open Standard Browser:
    • Uncheked
  • Trigger for Task Type:
    • Inbound Service
  • Parameter Pattern:
    • No Change

5Services / Default AnswersIf wanted, default answers can be created, which are then available for the mail service to the agents.

6Services / Services

In this step, the conversation context and the required default answers must be linked to the already existing mail service.

  • Conversation Context:
    • Select the correct CCTX from the Availability List on the left side by clicking on the right arrow after the selection.
  • Default Answer:
    • Equivalent to the selection of the CCTX in the previous step, now select all required default answers.

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 031