LUCS allows to extend functionality of a SfB conversation window by creating a conversation context to be added to a conversation. 

Add new Context

You can add new context by clicking ‘+Add‘ or edit any existing entry in the list.

The ‘Conversation Context’ page is accessible on Settings -> Service -> Conversation Context:

Conversation Context details

Note that the parameters are different for call and mail services respectively. The properties for each are explained in the following chapters.

Call Service Context Parameters

The table of settings for a call service:

Field NameDescription


Conversation Context  clear name to show within LUCS

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit  to which the Conversation Context will be assigned and accessible to.

Application GUID

Application GUID is a random unique number that is needed to identify the contextual application.

(info) → A GUID is generated and set automatically after the addition of a new Conversation Context.

Internal URL


External URL

  • The internal URL of the Conversation Context is required for applications running inside the Conversation Window Extension. Specifies a context application URL in the Microsoft SfB Server domain.
  • The external URL is used when a client signs in from outside the SfB domain.

(info) The application detects automatically which URL to use, InternalURL or ExternalURL, based on the client location. This entry also accepts the three optional parameters.

  • Path to website in format http://
  • + ip or DNS of the machine where client installed
  • + port number.

Parameters in URLs

To use the parameters and their values in the URL add  %AppData%  part to the link.

Example: ""

Parameters have to be added to Parameter List section and defined in Parameter Pattern fields.

Application Path

Specifies the path of a desktop application. When left empty, no start link will be shown. 

(info) This field is required for desktop applications and usually left empty for Mail Services context.

Install Link

Specifies a URL pointing to an installation file that you provide. A clickable link displays if a package is not installed on the receiving computer.

(info) Usually left empty for Mail services.

Windowsize Type

Sets the minimum size (in pixels) of the Conversation Window Extension:

  • Small: 300 x 200 pixels,
  • Medium: 400 x 600 pixels
  • Large: 800 x 600 pixels. 

LRG windowsize is preferable for Mail services.


Possible values are WEBSITE or APPLICATION (.exe)

(info)  WEB is used primarily within LUCS. Preferable for Mail services.

Is Default Context

Specifies whether this package is the default package for all unassigned calls. 

(info) Preferably left unchecked for Mail services.

Open in Standard Browser

Opens content in your standard browser window:

  • ‘At Ring’ when a call reaches an agent.
  • ‘At Answer Call’ when a agent answers the call (is set by Default).

Trigger for Task Type

Select types of tasks for which Conversation context will be opened:

  • Inbound Service
  • Outbound Service
  • Callback

(info) Only available when when 'Standard Browser' is selected:

  • External tasks
  • Internal Consultation Service Context

Parameter Pattern

A list of parameters that will be used in contextual conversation. Actual values stored in those parameters will be shown to an agent. Has to be set in the following key-value pair format:

'?parameter1Name.Key=parameter1Name.Value& parameter2Name.Key=parameter2Name.Value&…'

(info) All parameters to be used have to be added to parameter list field using the . Also see the example above in "Internal / External URL"

Parameter list

List of parameters is used in pattern.

Usually is empty for Mail services.

Mail Service Context Parameters

The table of settings for a Mail Service :

Field Name



Any unique name

Application Guid

Any Guid

Internal URL

Path to website in format http:// + ip or dns of the machine where client installed + port number

External URL

Path to website in format http:// + ip or dns of the machine where client installed + port number

Application Path


Install Link


Windowsize Type




Is Default Context


Parameter Pattern


Parameter List


Add Parameter


Applying Context to Services

(tick)Your defined conversation Context is selectable within within your Service Call Context tab when configuring your services.

Applying Context in your Service

Delete Context

If any service is using the context, the ‘Delete’ button is disabled. You need to delete the conversation context from the services before being able to delete.

(lightbulb) Mouse over the "Delete" button to see a list of services where this context is used.