LUCS allows the redirection of incoming customer calls to an alternate destination (different phone numbers, different services, conversation recording machines) in case of emergency.

Emergency Case Preconditions

To configure the emergency case feature, a special emergency case preset (described on this page) and a workflow instance have to be configured, then assigned within the service workflow configuration. After successful configuration the emergency case becomes available in the service selection: 

Selecting a Emergency Case for a Service

Emergency State Indication and Expiry

If an emergency case has been set (either from the Backend or the Frontend via Widget) the indicator icon will change. The service will resume normal operation once the "Valid until" date is reached.

Indication of an active Emergency Case

Delete Emergency Case

If any service is using the emergency case, the ‘Delete’ button is disabled. Before deleting such emergency case on the ‘Emergency Case’ page, remove them from the services.

(lightbulb) Mouse over the Delete button to see which objects are using the emergency case.