In conjunction with Organization Units and Trait and Responsibility definitions you can use Duty Profiles to distinguish how an agents skill should be evaluated in a certain workload situation.

An example: 

  • A "Default" duty profile determines how your Agents in Organization Unit "Support" should be evaluated for call selection
  • For certain peak hours you want to switch this to a "High Load" profile, which allows LUCS to widen the selection to other (maybe less experienced) Agents if needed. This is where Profiles allow to distinguish traits not just by their level of expertise, but also by responsibility

    WebConfigurator - Duty Profile Example

    (lightbulb) Duty profiles can be switched by either Agents themselves (when given the proper rights for Agent Assistant) or by Supervisors directly from Frontend when managing Agent profiles.

Manage Duty Profiles

The 'Profiles' page is accessible on Settings -> Agents section -> Profiles:

WebConfigurator - Duty Profiles

The profile page contains the following settings:

Control Name



Profile name.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the profile will be assigned.

Off Duty

By selecting 'Off Duty' profile during working hours, an agent becomes not available for service calls.

  • Set to 'true', to make the profile be an 'Off Duty' profile.
  • Set to 'false', to make the profile be not 'Off Duty' profile.

Adding and deleting profiles

  • To add a new profile, click '+Add' button and fill the settings. To save the changes and finish adding, click 'Save&Apply' button.
  • To delete an existing profile, select it in the list of profiles and click 'Delete' button.


If any agent is currently using the profile, the 'Delete' button is disabled. Before deleting these profiles you need to remove them from the respective agents.