Tenants in the user scenario of LUCS are used as an alternative to your existing on-prem Active Directory setup, allowing to extend LUCS to use O365 SfB online / MS Teams users.

(lightbulb) The LUCS GAL-Reader (global address list) ensures that local AD and Azure user directory are synchronized. The synced users become available when adding new agents.

For the mailboxes, there are two types of tenants available :

  • O365 (For Users and Mailboxes)
  • Exchange (Mailboxes only)

(info) → Mailboxes are configured in your Essential Topology Settings


Tenants O365 

Tenants O365 allows to add O365 users to Webconfigurator, configure them as agents and sign in the application. You can access the Tenants O365 via WebConfigurator -> Topology -> Tenants O365 page.

You can either add tenants by clicking '+Add' or edit existing tenant details in the list:

Tenants O365 details

Tenants O365 has the following settings:

Control Description


The name of the Tenants O365.

Organization Unit

Select an organization unit that will be used for the newly created O365 tenant.

O365 Client ID

A globally unique identifier (GUID) that is different than your tenant name or domain.

E.g. 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

O365 Domain

Office 365 domain that can be found in your Office 365 Admin center.

If you have more than one domain, you need to create a separate tenant for each domain.

(warning) If this field is used and matches the on-prem domain, the user is synchronized with this O365 domain only and not via the on-prem AD.

O365 Graph Authority URL

Office 365 Graph AuthorityURI  is used for authentication.

Default value can be used: https://login.windows.net/Common

O365 Graph Private Key

Enter previously saved password that were created for the application on Microsoft Application Registration Portal.

O365 Graph Tenant ID

Office 365 tenant ID that can be found in the Azure AD portal.

You will need to be an Azure AD administrator.

O365 Graph Paging Size

(info) Reserved for future use.

Tenants Exchange

You can access the 'Tenants Exchange' page via Webconfigurator -> Topology -> Tenants Exchange:

You can either add exchange tenants by clicking '+Add' or edit existing tenant details in the list:

Tenants Exchange details

Support for Exchange Web Service (EWS) APIs for Exchange Online is being phased out by Microsoft1 in favor of OAuth 2.0 (via O365 credentials). LUCS features already use Graph API and can be reconfigured. Check in your configuration that "O365" settings are used instead of "Exchange".

(tick) AREAS TO CHECK: Mailboxes, Calendars, Voicemail, Topology Settings. Note that "Mail Manager" as an exception will not get further Graph support.

1 https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/upcoming-api-deprecations-in-exchange-web-services-for-exchange/ba-p/2813925

Tenants Exchange has the following settings:

Control NameDescription


The name of the Tenants Exchange.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit  to which the tenants exchange will be assigned.


The exchange server URL in format:



Select the Exchange server type to which the tenant exchange will be assigned.