Data generation

Luware software components are creating raw data during daily operation. During operation the persistence service (PS) writes the data in to a database in eventsourcing format. In the database an ETL process (export, transform, load) is working to convert the raw data into a human readable format into a target table structure within the same database. 

Data retrieval and usage

To access the data set we recommend using Excel and PowerBi as proven working programs (of course any other tool of choice might work for you). To connect to the data source: 

  1. Open your evaluation tool of choice
  2. Connect to the data source specifying your server and database name (example shown is Power BI using the Luware Reporting Template)
  3. Confirm your choice (via Close & Apply in PowerBI
  4. Run the data query on the data base 
    → You may need to confirm the "Run" for as many facts and dimensions are used in the template