Since LUCS 3.2 we implemented a reporting-versioning system. Our report templates can now moved to the next versions of LUCS without any adjustments as long as you keep the versioning-number with the report. To achieve this we specified stored procedures in our database by product version. These versions correlate between product version and report version.

Using Reports 3.2 and Newer

The templates provided from LUCS 3.2 and onwards will remain persistent for you to use. We will still deliver updated templates with each new LUCS update, but you can continue to use your templates as needed and update when you want.

(warning) Any manipulation of "version" parameters in your old report (e.g. to reflect a new product version) may result in errors being thrown. To avoid this, we always recommend upgrading to the newest version of the reporting template instead.

Updating Reports from LUCS V3.1 and older

Older LUCS Reports do not have access specific stored procedures. We therefore advise you to upgrade to the newest reporting templates to get access to this feature.