LUCS deliverables include different reporting template files with focus either being on Agent or Service side.  

General Concepts

These concepts apply for Excel (with PowerQuery) and Power BI. 

  • Data Import is handled identical in both Excel and BI (info) See Managing BI User and Data access.
  • Available Filters, Facts and Dimensions are taken from the DB.
  • Filters are all located at the left hand side of the report and apply for most tabs :

    Started DateNarrows down the search results by date
    Task TypeAllows to filter by service / call direction or internal / external criteria

    Organisation Unit 

    Allows narrowing down of data sets according to criteria  of user choice (AND combined)

    • Per Organisation Unit
    • Per Agent
    • Per Task / State  (depending on report type)

    Some reports allow you to further personalize and filter the view experience. You can either add additional table rows (see 1 & 2) or filter them via the Icons (see circle)

    We offer Reporting kickoff-training so you can make the most of your Reporting. Get in touch with your Luware sales representative if you require assistance.

Agent Reports

Tabs of the reports are structure for Power BI in the following:

Tab NamePurpose
Management View

Per-agent-related performance indicators such as worktime, time spent, call handling and transfers. 

Team- / Group View

Overall team / agent time-related performance (on-hold, work, accepted, handled, RONA, aborts, handled)

Service Charts

Service performance statistics, sortable by task, modality, organisation unit.  

Service Agent KPI

Measures taken per service call center, timing statistics and task results (missed, declined, accepted, transferred).

Direct Charts

Workday period evaluation related task results, preferred modality .

Direct Agent KPI

Average per agent kpi statistics like call time, time spent at work compared with time in calls.

Agent State Overview

Agent presence states per daily work hour over a selected time period.

Not Ready Reasons

Detailed not-ready-reasons and start / end times per agent, ou and reason

Agent Log On Time

Per-agent logging times sorted by duty, offduty and offline status

SystemInfoServer Name and DB Details (Version and SQL Version) in use. Used for troubleshooting.
Agent Report Tabs

In Excel these reports are identical but distributed into multiple files. Refer to Data Evaluation Template Use for an overview of available files and their purpose.