Goal: Supervisor understands how to create a Callback task from a Lost Task in LUCS FE - Lost Tasks Widget
Complexity: Low

  • ‘Private Customer Care’ service exists in the system
  • ‘Private Customer Care’ service is configured to → See Outbound / Callback Task Configuration
  • ‘Private Customer Care’ service has Direction Type = InboundOutbound
  • Lost call exists for ‘Private Customer Care’
  • Agent is available in the ‘Private Customer Care’ service and selectable for Callback tasks based on the Trait- and Distribution configuration

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Main Scenario

1Customer PhoneThe customer calls to a Service and finally after some time waiting in Queue he hangup the conversation.Task is Lost and is therefore shown in the Lost Task Widget.
2LUCS FE - Lost Tasks WidgetThe Supervisor with the relevant access rights can now initiate a Callback task from the listed "Lost Task" by pressing the "Create a callback request button" in the Action column.

3LUCS FE - Lost Tasks Widget

In the ‘Initiate Callback Task‘ pop up window the Supervisor can define:

  • The ‘Private Customer Care’ Service is selected to schedule the Callback task from this Service
  • The customer phone number to be called '+41585556677' is added into the Target field
  • Due Date is set to "Immediately"
  • Maximum Retries property is set to 3
  • Timegap between Retries is set to 10 minutes
  • Priority is set to High
  • Comments are added to be shown to the Agent in the IM window once the Task is assigned to him

4LUCS FE - Lost Tasks WidgetSupervisor presses ‘Save & Close’ button to create a new callback task.

The task is immediately added to the queue of the ‘Private Customer Care’ Service as the Due Date was set to "Immediately".

5LUCS Agent Assistant on Agent MachineThe IM Task is assigned to the Agent and accepts it through his SkypeForBusiness Client. 

The Agent sees the comments that have been added by the Supervisor during task creation in the IM window.


6LUCS FE - Callback Tasks WidgetThe Task is visible in the 'Callback Tasks' widget in LUCS FE.

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 023