In case you want to generally treat customers anonymized within your workflows you can use the "Anonymize Reporting Data" workflow element.

(lightbulb) The element can be used anywhere in your workflow structure. We recommend to use it early to indicate its use to anyone inspecting the workflow.

Anonymize Reporting Data Workflow Element

(question) What does this affect?

  • If a task is routed through the activity, the [InitialSipFrom] within the session is replaced with a dummy identifier: "sip:privacyAnonymized@domain.local"
  • The 'AnonymizeReportingDataActivityLogic:AnonymizeRecording' property flag affect calls recorded by Verba (Conversation Recording). If the flag is enabled, the system sets to all sip request and accept-options the ‘x-luware-rec’ flag to 0
  • This means that a configured extension in Verba will not be recorded, independent of what recording mode has been configured for the sip / number / speed dial of the Agent