Goal: How to prepare environment for LUCS Installation (Checklist)
Complexity: High
Preconditions: LUCS Preconditions are set up

Related Chapters:  Prepare Installation

Basic System environment

1Anywhereprepare TrustedApplication Script with the correct domains, names and ports.template Trusted Application script is prepared and filled out
2SfB Frontend Server
  • Registering Trusted Application Pool on SfB Server Machine
  • Registering Trusted Applications and Endpoints on SfB Server Machine
LUCS can run PowerShell scripts to manage SfB server applications and trusted third-party applications
3Application Servers

Setting Execution Policy to Remote Signed on Application Machines

Application Server is a trusted publisher and can run PowerShell scripts
4Application ServersInstall SfB Core Components and request certificate - running deployment wizard step 1 and step 3SfB Core Components and certificate are installed
5SQL ServerCreate empty databaseEmpty database is created on SQL server
6Application ServerInstall Luware Database UpdaterLuware Database Updater is installed
7Application ServerCreate with the empty database a LUCS database and update the database to the newest versionLUCS database is created and on the newest version
8SQL ServerGranting DB Permissions on SQL Server MachineThe correct Permissions are set
9SQL ServerSetting INSTALL_DATESet the date where reporting is supposed to start tracking.
10SQL Server and Application Server

Deploying LUCS SSRS reports

SSRS reports are deployed

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 025