– LUCS 3.5.03 Bugfix Release



Issue Description

Fix Description / Impact

Fixed in DB / Setup Version

Affected Components


-86164: B: [Standalone Calendar] Wrong start date for recurring "all day" appointments
85865: B: [WebConfigurator] Changes aren't saved via confirmation pop-up
  • recurring "all day" events are configured correct
  • if user makes changes for one of record in the list within one setting in WebConfigurator (e.g. Parameters) and moves to another one, then these changes are saved correct over confirmation pop-up 
3.5.21243.5 LUCS-WebConfigurator 


-85862: B: [ICH] Check for MaxConcurrentOutboundSessions is missing in 3.5 and masterBugfix for limit of Maximum Concurrent Outbound and  Inbound Sessions 3.5.0321.23802LUCS-LC

– LUCS 3.5.03 Bugfix Release

TypeOTRS ID Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactFixed in DB / Setup VersionAffected Components


-86010: B: Not processed [UserRoles.Updated] (RBAC) eventsRBAC changes are not applied to reporting.


-86002 B: [PS] NullReference in PS upon saving user (UserRolePermissionValidator)Changes on Agent details (common info, Traits, Roles permissions) are saved without errors.3.5.0321.22903LUCS-PS


-85711: B: [Stratus] Stuck AA call information toastImprove AA session handling.3.5.0321.22209LUCS-ICH


-85180 B: [ICH] Conversation-As over SMD can't be transferred by AgentConversation As calls over SMD are successfully transferred by the Agent to the target.3.5.0321.21806LUCS-ICH


-85481: B: SSRS Report block integration jobIntegration job is hanging by the reporting services connection, new data is not appended into reporting.


-85271: T: Missing data in excel between 00 and 02 hoursMissing calls in reporting started between 00:00 and 02:00 CET time zone.


-84237 B: LC show wrong state for PS if srv fqdn and in topology are different (case sensitive)PS service is highlighted with correct  state in case FQDN server in Topology and srv record are in different case (upper/lower).3.5.0321.20202



-85281: B: [SQL2014] The MERGE statement, and then rebuilding the columnstore index after MERGE has completedSkip creation of columnstore indexes if SQL Server 2014 or less.


-85055: B: usp_DataLoader: The multi-part identifier "fs.TaskCompletionCodeId" could not be bound.

DataLoader fails with error:

The multi-part identifier "fs.TaskCompletionCodeId" could not be bound.



84726 B: [ICH] ContextParameters (System) are sent via CustomMimeParts

84719 B: [ICH] Fix thread "exhaustion" on Stratus 3.5.02 within SpeechQAHandler

  • System parameters are not sent via CustomMimeParts during the call transfer
  • ICH is working in a proper way  without "loop"/endless creation of threads in the SpeechQA-Area


241552884006 B: [ICH] Investigate task killed with RONA misbehavior

RONA is shown for correct agent3.5.0321.18002LUCS-AM 


-84539 B: WebConfigurator - Changes are sent by PS for some services in bulk mode
83875 B: WebConfigurator- Wrong state is received while user makes changes, reverts them back and tries to save
Changes made on Agent or Service details page are handled correct, user doesn't receive unnecessary changes from PS side.3.5.21179.3LUCS-WebConfigurator 


-84254 B: LUCS Configurator - When using a Parameter e.g. to store a value, LC saves the 'Name' value instead of the 'Parameter' value, which then confuses ICHLC saves 'Parameter' value in workflow activity. The value is used by ICH during the call in correct way.3.5.0321.17606LUCS-Configurator


-84488 B: [PS] NullReferenceException upon trying to delete a parameter (from WebConfigurator)No NullReferenceException when trying to delete a Parameter3.5.0321.217417LUCS-PS


-84467 B: [ICH] Callas Issue with sip:<PSTN>@<domain>;user=phone targets
84385 B: [ICH] If "Parameter to save ..." is configured on a External Web Request, the value is stored in DB
  • Agent in Off Duty profile receives a Call As call in a proper way.
  • 'Parameter to save...' parameters configured in External Web Request isn't stored in DB anymore.

– LUCS 3.5.03 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeOTRS ID Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactFixed in DB / Setup VersionAffected Components


-83121 B: [Zeus] Thresholds changes aren't applied immediately on preview widget The result is highlighted on preview widget.3.5.0321.17417LUCS-Dashboard


-Task 84469: T: Remove TransformChain cursor from [usp_ActivationProc_TransformEventHandlerQueue]

Better performance of database ETL transformation.

(info) This issue is related to 84226 below.



Bug 84226: B: [StratusAgent] usp_DataLoader_UnifiedSession_Calculation => The statement terminated. The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion.

Dataloader fails with error The statement terminated. The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion. Saving more than >100 parameters in a single session caused the dataloader failure.


-84385 B: [ICH] If "Parameter to save ..." is configured on a External Web Request, the value is wrongfully stored in DB
  • 'Parameter to save...' parameters configured in External Web Requests aren't stored in DB anymore.
  • Renamed UI form fields in the Web Request tzo "parameters from to store" and changed the wording to clarify the temporary storage intent of such parameters during an active session.

(lightbulb) This bugfix reverts automatic storage of unneeded parameter contents in the DB. Custom parameters (e.g. from on External Web Requests) can be permanently stored when you use the "Save Parameters to DBWorkflow Element within your workflow.



-84467 B: [ICH] Callas Issue with sip:<PSTN>@<domain>;user=phone targets
  • The "Call As" feature now works properly if the target has "sip:<PSTN>@<domain>;user=phone targets" format which was previously valid for SFB but caused issues in the ICH component.
  • Related: Agent in "Off Duty" profile receives a "Call As" call in a proper way.

(lightbulb) If you use "Call As" to a sip:PSTN-target we recommend updating your ICH components.







(info) The following items combine features and improvements for Session Supervision and Agent Supervision

81406 B: [Callback Tasks] RBAC is wrong for '+Add' button visibility 

84097 U: Widgets improvements on 'Session Supervision' page

82259 U: [Lost Tasks] Callback sessions Improvements

81334 U: Suggestions to improve behavior on Agent Supervision page

83344 U: Enable "New Widgets" for Agent/Session Supervision

Changes on the Dashboard Supervision features:

  • '+Add' button is now visible for Supervisor Web Service role.
  • Actions are disabled in edit mode for the following widgets: Active Tasks, Callback Tasks - Add/Delete buttons, Lost Tasks, Emergency Cases.
  • The Service name is displayed in the pop-up window header during emergence case editing.
  • The Callback task result is displayed upon clicking specific icon for the session to which callback was initiated.
  • Various small UI improvements are made on Agent Supervision page.
  • Ability to add widgets on Agent Supervision and Session Supervision pages.


-84046 B: [Hercules][ServiceBulk] Service details aren't displayed on Workflow tab

Service details are displayed correct on 'Workflow' tab in bulk edit mode

(info) Bulk Edit is explained on the Call and Mail Services pages.



-83955: B: DB regarding diff. between dist. count of CustomerTask between Service and Customer Path Report

Corrected a wrong customer task count in the CustomerPath xls report.

In case >1 parameter added to one session, the customer path xls report will miss this customer task


-83793 U: [TM/LUCS/StratusAgent/StratusTeams >= 3.4 Two new TaskResults to be added to Reporting

Add 2 new AgentTaskResult codes in case of a system/technical error:

  1. Lync/S4BCommunicationError -> Technical Error (Skype for Business)
  2. OtherError -> System Error


-82737: U: [LUCS][TM] Improve the ETL Extraction ArchitectureReporting ETL transform time improved




83731 B: [Bulk Editing] Changes received for disabled controls after editing in bulk mode

83533 B: [Bulk Editing] Placeholder value isn't displayed on Activity details

83497 B: [Bulk Editing] Emergence Case isn't reset after the 'Valid Until' date expired

82443 U: UI/UX Improvements for ContactObjectPlaceholderValues management (Bulk)

83576 U: Enable ServiceBulk as default

(info) Bulk Edit is explained on the Call and Mail Services pages.

  • Service Bulk Mode functionality now available in Release 3.5 branch.
  • 'Placeholders' area on 'Workflow' tab of service details is improved:
    • For each configured placeholder (in WFI or/and Web Trigger Set) the service name, activity name or web trigger set name are displayed in separate columns.
  • Fixed issues with Placeholder name display, Emergency Case controls among some other smaller items.


-83680 B: [LUCS-FE] Widgets disappears from the Widget groups
83857 B: "lowercase is not a function" error on Reporting pages
83853 B: [FE] SLA calculation for default formula is "taking" calls in IVR into consideration
  • Added configurable timeout UserSettingBinaryResourceTimeout . 
    An incident ID is generated  when it happens and displays in the errormessage on the error page
  • Reporting pages are shown correct
  • SLA calculation (formula: default) is taking only a session into consideration when it's either connected to an agent or when the session has terminated




-80923 U: Callback management popup and buttons on Callback Widget
  • User has an ability to create Callback in 'Callbacks' widget via '+ Add' button
  • User is able to initiate a Callback in 'Lost Tasks' widget
  • An appropriate pop-up window is created.

(info) The widgets are available on both Session Supervision and Agent Supervision view in the Dashboard.


– LUCS 3.5.03 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeOTRS IDIssue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactFixed in DB / Setup VersionAffected Components


2414556 82399 B: Classic Agent Assistant - ACW stuck for extended period of timepublishing the presence state after ACW works correct.   ACW window doesn't  "stuck"3.5.0321.14603LUCS-AA



80923 U: Dashboard - Callback management popup and buttons on Callback Widget

83174 B: Dashboard - "Direction" arrows are not the same for Customer Journey and Session Supervision

In LUCS-Dashboard implemented an ability to initiate/add Callback task via 'Lost Tasks' and 'Callbacks' widgets

Arrow for inbound or outbound session has correct direction on Customer Journey.




-82209 U: [ICH] Implement DTMF support for Outbound Calls (Call-As)
83334 B: [ICH] Unhandled UCMA exception for Player.Start()
  • Support of Outbound Calls to services with dtmf input 
  • proper error handling 


-83175 B: [ICH] Conversation-As with Busy-on-Busy enabled (Teams/S4B) or Agent on DnD leads to stuck taskConversation-As finishes correct without ghost task3.5.0321.13309LUCS-ICH


In a Nutshell

  • Dashboard UI refresh with many changes and improvements
  • Customer Journey now available in the Dashboard Main Menu
  • Agent Supervision in the Main Menu
  • Session Supervision in the Main Menu
  • Service Groups - Custom Filters across multiple OU
  • "Agent States Availability Chart" widget
  • "Service KPI Tabular" widget
  • KPI Filters with threshold criteria

Dashboard - Customer Journey


Customer Journey

The customer journey feature makes a return from our classic Frontend, now featuring a fresh new look directly included in the Dashboard

  • Allows access to ongoing conversations, with data refresh
  • Search and filter functionality

Agent Supervision View in the Main Menu


An Agent Supervision page has been added to the Dashboard.

(tick) Precondition: To see and use this feature, the "Supervisor > Web Supervision" role must be granted within Role Based Access - RBAC.

Please note: 

This new feature is replacing legacy Widget Actions from our legacy LUCS Web FrontEnd, such as:

Additionally, this view customizable with different filters and view modes. Stay on this page for a walkthrough on all features.

Example: Agent Supervision features in the Dashboard

Dashboard - Customer Journey


A customizable Session Supervision view is now also part of the Dashboard.

(tick) Precondition: To see and use this feature, the "Supervisor > Web Supervision" role must be granted within Role Based Access - RBAC.

The Supervision view replaces legacy Frontend Widgets and Groups from classic LUCS-Frontend (FE):

Additionally, the new Supervision view is fully customizable with new widgets of your choosing. Stay on this page for a walkthrough on all features.

Session Supervision feature in the Dashboard

Service Groups - Custom Filters across multiple OU


With "Service Groups" we allow any authenticated Dashboard user to define custom groups as a type of "Custom Filter Set" to apply to Dashboard widgets. These groups can break out of the usual "Organization Unit" visibility approach, allow to share data sets that would be otherwise inaccessible to other Dashboard users.

Service Group shown to an anonymous user

"Service Group" expand the traditional filter method on Dashboard Widgets such as:

  • Service KPI
  • Service KPI Chart
  • Service KPI Tabular
  • Agent States Availability Chart

(tick) How to enable: Refer the Dashboard "Settings" menu entry which allows access to "Service Group Management" for each individual user.

(info) Visit the Service Groups page for further details, concepts and usage.

"Agent States Availability Chart" widget


This new Dashboard Widget shows an aggregation of available (signed-in) agents with an "On-Duty" profile selected. 

  • Shows agent states "mapped" to one or more services, e.g. How many agents are currently selectable for service(s) X Y and Z combined
  • "Replaces" the "Distribution Group Status" from our previous Frontend
  • Aggregates Services by distribution group. If not possible "subsequent" services from the same distribution group will be offered.
  • Service selection depending on the OU by the current user.
  • You can set which Distribution Policy profile should be considered for the Agent selection
    • 1st Profile
    • All Profiles (default)

Agent Availability Chart

(tick) RBACUser needs to be of the "Agent > Supervisor" group to see and use this widget.

"Service KPI Tabular" widget


The new "Service KPI Tabular" widget displays service KPI's aggregated by "→ Service Groups" in a tabular view.

Service KPI Tabular

RBAC Permissions

User with the following Roles can see data for OU's where they have this role

  • Supervisor > Web > Service
  • Agent > Web > Service

The widget can be added to Public Dashboards including anonymous access. Widgets are not removed from dashboard if user has no access.

Interaction with other Features

This widget makes use of Service Groups as defined by the group (filter) owner. (info) See → "Service Groups" for more info.

The user may extend the use by applying:

  • Additional filters are applied as on the other Service KPI widgets.
  • Thresholds are same as for similar widgets (e.g. "OU Service KPI Tabular")

How Data is displayed

  • On the first level this widget shows only services in the service group and aggregates selected KPIs aggregated for that group.
    • On the second level this widget shows the individual services in that service group and the selected individual KPIs.

KPI Filters with threshold criteria


KPI based threshold filters
  • Additional KPI filters may now be applied to "Service KPI" type widgets. Services which fulfill the filter criteria(s) are used to calculate the KPI
  • Thresholds may be used to signal or color-code changes to the KPI values

Other Improvements

In a Nutshell

  • Supervision for "Conversation as" and Callback (Outbound)

  • Profile Management while Offline
  • ACW and TCC for Outbound Conversations not accepted by target
  • Reporting - Support of Paginated BI Reports
  • API Changes
    • Introduce CCTX and Parameters for Tasks
    • Share Context for Agents on Consultative Transfer
    • Restore/Share Service Context Parameters on API Transfer/Consultation Call to Service
    • Support for Non-Blocking Tasks
  • Conference Warmup Behavior - Configurable expiry period

Supervision for "Conversation as" and Callback (Outbound)


As a much-requested feature, Supervision is now possible for both "Conversation as" and "Callback (Outbound)" tasks. 

(info) We also revised the Outbound / Callback Task Configuration, moving everything into a new Settings tab.

How to use

Use "Supervise" on any "Conversation as" and "Callback" type conversations directly via the "Live Sessions"/"Live Agent" View (or any related Supervison-type Widget Actions).


  • Supervisors of Agents tagged for supervision will also receive the Agent's individual "Outbound" Conversations and Callback tasks.
  • Sessions are eligible for supervision starting when a customer is successfully connected to the conversation.
  • Reporting shall include "outbound" related sessions in the same way as treats does inbound sessions.

Profile Management while Offline


For both the Frontend as well as the New Dashboard an Agent's duty profile can be changed even while offline/ none:

  • Supervisors get additional controls via Widget to change profiles of (supervised) Agents.
  • Agents can change their profile directly via the user menu next to the Logout button.

Profile Management Controls

Related improvement

Because not all users switch profiles via Agent Assistant we allowed to change profiles even if the user is considered "Offline" or "None". This may cause Reporting issues as profile changes were not tracked for "offline" users.

We therefore continue reporting of profile changes:

  • ... independent of the current "LyncState" of the user. 
  • .... when user is doing the changes offline.

ACW and TCC for Outbound Conversations not accepted by target


As head of your contact center you may now define if Agents get ACW even if the outbound conversation was not accepted by the callee, so that they can finish some related work to that task before they get the next one.

How to use

(tick) This feature requires: Role Based Access - RBAC > Administrator:Service / Administrator:ServiceExtended rights to configure.

  1. Ensure that Task Completion Codes and Cross-selling Codes are defined and assigned in your Service Call Context
  2. Head to the Service Configuration > Outbound Configuration (new Tab)
  3. Enable the new feature "Provide ACW and TCC for not connected outbound conversations"
  4. Ensure the newest AA - Agent Assistant is installed. Then make an outbound call that is not answered.
    After Call Work for the Agent should now be shown

Please note that for LUCS V3.4 an update to the AA - Agent Assistant and AM - Agent Manager components are necessary for this feature to work. This feature is not supported for Versions below V3.4.

Reporting - Support of Paginated BI Reports


API - Introduce CCTX and Parameters for Tasks


The API now offers a possibility to trigger Conversation Context (CCTX) directly through the task API. By doing so, no ongoing/incoming call or workflow is triggered.

  • Add optional parameter "ConversationContextIDs" to the AddTaskParameters in  /v1.0/tasks
    • Takes a list (Array) of GUID's
    • Accepts internal IDs (Guid) of assigned Conversation Contexts (Context -> Set Conversation Context) to selected service
    • Task has to be "DistributeToAgent"=true: true
  • Add optional parameter "ContextParameters" to the AddTaskParameters in  /v1.0/tasks
    • Accepts a list of parameters defined by "Name" and "Value"
    • Parameter have to be configured for the service selected (Context -> Set Parameter) and they are not allowed to be system parameters
    • Task has to be "DistributeToAgent"=true
  • Add new GET-Method to list the configured context information for a service:
    • /v1.0/services/{serviceIdentifier}/context
    • RBAC: Execute for: TasksManage, TasksReadonly, ServicesReadonly
    • Return values:
      • Set parameters for service in question: Name
      • Set conversation contexts for service in Question: ID (Guid), Name

How to use

Example Use Case: A new incoming Email (Zendesk Mail) creates a Zendesk ticket, which then triggers the distribution through the task API.

(warning) Limitation: Does not show additional context information to the Agent right now. The API allows only to define a caller which then is shown in the header of the LUCIE toast.

API - Share Context for Agents on Consultative Transfer


Using the API it is now possible during a consultative transfer to share and open Conversation Context for the target Agent as well.

How to use


  • Requires the API to be installed and running
  • Sharing must be enabled Queue Service > Settings > Context Tab "Allow Share Context Information on Consultation Transfer"

  1. Call Service →  Agent1 accepts the call
  2. Get task id for the Service via API (/v1.0/services/{serviceIdentifier}/tasks)
  3. Generate a consultative call to Agent2 for the current session (/v1.0/tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall)
  4. Trigger a consultative transfer (/v1.0/tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/transfer)

API - Restore/Share Service Context Parameters on Transfer/Consultation Call to Service


During a Consultation Call or Transfer (blind, safe) via API between LUCS Services it's now possible to share Service Parameters.

Sharing parameters in internal Service transfers

Custom-defined parameters (not System Parameters) can be shared across Services during an internal transfer.

To do so: 

  1. Configure a custom parameter of your choice
  2. Assign this parameter to Service A
  3. Fill this parameter in Service A (e.g. by using a Web Request either in a Workflow (external Web Request Activity) or with Triggers.
  4. Make a call to Service A
  5. Take the call with an Agent A.
  6. Transfer the call (blind, attended, consultative) to Service B
  7. Observe in Service B that the parameter value set in Service A is has been set for Service B already.
    (lightbulb) For instance you can make a routing decision coming from A directly in the Workflow of Service B.

API - Support for Non-Blocking Tasks


Added a new feature to create "non-blocking" external tasks for Agents. A new parameter "BlockAgent":"true" was added to the /v1.0/tasks within the API documentation. Default: true.


(info) Learn more on the Non-Blocking Tasks page.

Related Agent Manager / Assistant Changes

Changed Logic in Agent Manager to adapt to non-blocking tasks:

  • If a new task is submitted through the API where parameter "BlockAgent":"false" the following rules apply:

    • While the Agent is busy with such a non-blocking task, a blocking task to this Agent (e.g. service calls, another external "BlockAgent":"true" task) can still be distributed.

    • Vice versa, a blocking tasks prevents further distribution of a non-blocking task to the same Agent.

    • Distribution is only done if there is no other "completely" free agent available.

    • An agent shall not get more tasks than the backend configured amount.

Changes for Agent Assistant:

  • Now able to display multiple call/task toast/extended toast and multiple TCC and ACW for the different toast

    → ACW handling should be the same as for IM: If you allow simultaneous Tasks, no ACW is possible on the service

  • Reporting extended to the additional events where necessary:

    • If working on a non-blocking External Task gets interrupted by a blocking task added, Hold time shall be deducted from the worktime in reporting.

    • The worktime of simultaneous non-blocking external tasks will be counted for each task individually

Use Case

Usage Scenario


  • Service Configuration: "Agents Handle Simultaneous External Tasks" must be enabled

  • "Agent1" Configuration: "Number Of Simultaneous External Tasks" = 2

Scenario 1 - "BlockAgent":"true"Scenario 2 - "BlockAgent":"false"
  1. Agent1 receives a 1st external task where "BlockAgent":"true" and accepts it.
  2. Another external task gets into the queue.

Result: Agent1 doesn't receive 2nd external task because the task currently accepted is blocking it.

  • Agent1 receives a 1st external task where "BlockAgent":"false" and accepts it
  • Another external task  gets into the queue.
  • Agent1 receives a 2nd external task and accepts it.
  • Another external task gets into queue.

Result: Agent1 doesn't receive a 3rd external task as "Number Of Simultaneous External Tasks" = 2

(lightbulb) In both cases a potential free Agent 2 would be preferred if Agent1 is occupied by a task (blocking or not).
Usage Scenarios

Conference Warmup Behavior - Configurable expiry period


For our customers that have to handle huge loads (e.g. for conference creation/warmup) we now offer a possibility to define a time to let "warmup" conferences expire.

3 new ICH synchronized configuration settings (Components)

Conference.ExpiryPeriodStartTimeUtcTime in 24h format00:00:00 (not set)
Conference.ExpiryPeriodEndTimeUtcTime in 24h format00:00:00 (not set)
Conference.MinimumLifeTimeInDaysInteger0 (not set)
How it works
  • If set the values are used instead of defaults.
  • When a lifetime for conferences is configured every created conference shall be terminated at some point during configured hours.

Required Lync.Powershell Commands

Required Lync Powershell Commands

- Get-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Set-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- New-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Grant-CsVoicePolicy
- Get-CsVoicePolicy
- Get-CsVoiceRoute
- Get-CsPool
- Get-CsServerVersion
- Grant-CsConferencingPolicy
- New-CsConferencingPolicy
- Get-CsConferencingPolicy
- Set-CsConferencingPolicy
- Remove-CsConferencingPolicy
- Get-CsExternalAccessPolicy
- Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy

Known Issues / Limitations

The following features have known issues: 

Microsoft Teams Web-Client

Design Limitation on Microsoft Teams Web Client

The Teams Web Client currently has a known limitation that sends a lot of incorrect status updates especially when refreshing the page in your browser. The effects include: 

  • User sporadically appearing as offline.
  • Spontaneous switch to an erratic presence status which is apparent in logfiles.
  • Multiple status updates within only a few seconds, which increases when user is refreshing the Teams chat window within the browser.

This has a noticeable impact on how Luware products handle Agent presence, availability and reporting features.  → Until this is resolved by Microsoft we strongly advise to exclusively use the locally installed Teams Client App for all productive users of your organization.