The Dashboard reporting feature will automatically display an embedded BI-Report with the latest service and agent metrics.


To use this feature the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. Each User to access Reporting via the Dashboard must have a Power BI Pro account.
  2. When Managing BI User and Data access all future reporting users must be considered (e.g. as an AD group). → (tick) A shared BI Report access URL is generated as result of this process.
  3. The DFE - Dashboard Frontend is installed with the access URL added as parameter. (lightbulb) This can be done in post with a config change if needed, described on the Dashboards setup procedure.
  4. Supervisor > Reporting > Agent / Service rights need to given via Role Based Access - RBAC → Afterwards the user get access to an extra tab in the Dashboard.

The Power BI Report will look as follows, depending on the connected data source: 

Power BI Report

The functionality of the Report is explained on Template Details