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VersionRelease DateContents


  • New Management tools for continuous Service monitoring
  • Callback - Improved scheduling and assignment logic
  • Standby Duty support for standalone Opening Hours
  • Re-Assignable OU during import/export of Workflow Instances / Structures
  • Agent Assistant
    • NRR consistency pass for SfB
    • Agents can extend external task (API) via AA
    • Support for Extended Toast (LUCIE) for consultative transfers via S4B-Client
  • API Updates
    • Added Callhandling options for Outbound / Conversation-As / Callback sessions
    • Screen sharing for outbound calls and during consultation call (via API)
    • PATCH and DELETE methods for External Web Requests
  • Other Improvements
    • Smarter License Expiry / License change "on-the-fly" application
    • Standardized properties validation between Webconfigurator and LUCS Configurator
    • Improved active endpoint detection component connections
    • SMD - Option to disable Direct Chat Tracking (exclude from UI and Reporting)


  • RONA in Customer Journey
  • Workflow consistency pass
  • Avatar Sync via MS Graph
  • Start of API 2.0 (1.0 continued)
    • Configurable Base URL for API
    • Configurable rate-limits for API
    • Set Profile via API now possible
  • Agent Assistant ACW restore after failover
  • Reporting
    • API related: ExternalTaskId and/or BlockTaskId are passed alongside with a Session/Task. Applies for: (Callbacks, ExternalTasks and BlockingTask)
    • RONA related: The EventList of Tasks now contains the "RONA" and "Declined" periods with additional fields.
  • Agents now able to use DTMF for IVR during consultation
  • "Outbound Connector" WF activity re-added
  • Improved RONA block prevention for SIP 486/488 response


  • Dashboard UI changes and improvements
    • Customer Journey now available in the Dashboard Main Menu
    • Agent Supervision View in the Main Menu
    • Service Groups - Custom Filters across multiple OU
    • "Agent States Availability Chart" widget
    • "Service KPI Tabular" widget
    • KPI Filters with threshold criteria
  • Supervision now supported for for "Conversation as" and Callback (Outbound)
  • Reporting - Support of Paginated BI Reports
  • Profile Management while Offline
  • API Changes
    • Introduce CCTX and Parameters for Tasks
    • Share Context for Agents on Consultative Transfer
    • Support for Non-Blocking Tasks
  • Conference Warmup Behavior - Configurable expiry period


New Features

  • New Dashboard
  • Trigger Sets / Web Requests
  • Impersonate Service on Incoming Transfer


  • Configure Transfer Behavior per Team
  • Multiple External System Configurations
  • Callback Keep Position in Queue
  • Callback Category in Standalone Opening Hours
  • Support for Graceful Failover

Reporting / DB / KPI

  • BI Predictive Forecast
  • BI Reports in Dashboard
  • BI Excel Reports now using PowerQuery
  • Dashboard with Embedded BI Report
  • Create Empty DB Script (New installation)
  • DB Index Maintenance Operation
  • KPI Changes moved to Topology
  • Push DB Updates remotely


New Stratus Agent Assistant

Workflow Element Updates:

  • Switch between placeholder audio and TTS in Frontend
  • "ServiceId" as a System Parameter in External Web Requests
  • "Set Preferred Agent" Activity
  • Option for Hard Cancel of an Agent Request
  • Option to Shuffle AV playlist

Standalone Opening Hours Calendar

Further API Improvements (Task provisioning, Call Management)

  • API Keys now with RBAC Support

Scalability Improvements

Possibility to get Presence over Teams directly via AC

Reporting Improvements

  • New PowerBI ServiceReport for Stratus Agent
  • Various database, role and calculation improvements


  • Import and Export of Workflow Structures and Instances 
  • Extended WebRequest functionality
  • New LUCS API functions
  • Agent Assistant: Switch between and reset Not-Ready-Reasons 
  • New Frontend Features
  • New Reporting Features
  • General Improvements
  • AA / AM / LUCIE Improvements


New LUCS API Live Reporting Functions

  • Task information per service: shows tasks (ordered by longest waiting time)
  • "Longest Waiting Task" of a specific service: shows tasks with the longest waiting time (QueueTimeDuration)
  • User information per service: lists users (order ascending by SipUri / UPN)

Distribution of External Tasks

  • Send external medium-independent tasks (Facebook, CRM, Mail, Fax, etc.) to the Luware API
  • Tasks are assigned to the agents based on skills / distribution policy like other tasks
  • Tasks can be accepted, declined or ended through LUCS Agent Assistant Hypertoast «LUCIE» window
  • "Conversation Context" in standard browser window can be triggered for External Tasks

Generic ExternalWebRequest Module and WF Activity

  • Generic web requests can be configured in LUCS workflows to send and receive date through a web-request to an external system (create tickets, verification of customer numbers, etc.)
  • The content of the request can be flexibly defined via a text field

Extended Functionality for Service Conversation Context

  • Conversation Context can be triggered At Ring / At Answer in Standard Browser
  • Conversation Context can be triggered for different task types individually (Inbound Service, Outbound Service, Callback, External Task, Internal Consultation Service Context)
  • Conversation Context information can now be redistributed to another Agent/Service during prior consultation (consultative transfer)

Extended Functionality for Agent Assistant Startup Application modules

  • Modules can be triggered for different task types individually (Service Inbound, Service Outbound, Service Callback, Service External Task, Direct Inbound, Direct Outbound)

Extended Functionality for Conversation As A Service Function

  • Trigger a Conversation-As Task when user clicks on URL with “outboundcall:” prefix
  • Choose in the user configuration if the Conversation-As function is enabled for internal, external or all conversations
  • Agents can choose in their local AA settings if the last Service selection should be saved
  • Task Completion Codes and ACW are now available for Conversation As A Service Function

New "LongestNoServiceCall" Distribution Policy

  • Ensures that incoming service calls are distributed to the agent who has not received a service call for the longest time

GDPR Functions in Web-Configurator

  • User data can be searched and anonymized with one click using the Web-Configurator

New LUCS FrontEnd Navigation

  • New design with better usability all moved to the left of the screen
  • Settings menu contains all settings and information items at one place
  • New Wall- and Widget Group Navigation with search function in the navigation-pane itself

New KPI Widget

  • KPI values are displayed in KPI-Boxes with a large font size
  • KPIs can be calculated across several services (e.g. select only EN services)
  • Threshold values allow KPI squares to be colored as needed

SFB 2019 Support

  • Specific SFB 2019 installation files for LUCS are available

Improved Parameters Module in LUCS Agent Assistant Hypertoast «LUCIE»

  • Alphabetical ordering of parameters
  • Allow copy of Parameters

New LUCS System Parameters

  • "ServiceCulture" for current used culture
  • "ExternalTaskId" for the ExternalTaskId submitted by the customer through the LUCS API in an external task


New LUCS Web Configurator - New modern and intuitive Web Configurator with role-based access

  • Simple Navigation - New and simple navigation pane
  • Overview Page - Check system status, licenses and amount of configured users & services on one page
  • Manage Users - Add User Wizzard and Bulk Edit to manage multiple users at the same time
  • Manage Services - Service Configuration
  • Manage Existing Workflows and Placeholders: Offer teamadmins the possibility to change different aspects of the used workflows via placeholders
  • Manage Topology Settings - Topology configuration

Role-based access (RBAC)

  • Role-based access (RBAC) allows user access to data and administration to be gradually controlled based on roles assigned at the organization unit level

O365 Support

  • Manage multiple O365 Tenant configurations per LUCS installation
  • Manage multiple O365 and Exchange Mailboxes per LUCS installation
  • Support O365 Authentication
  • Support Read/Sync of O365 Users

New Luware API

  • New Luware API - Blocking of specific agents and setting presence of specific agents
  • New Luware API - Assigning external system tasks to LUCS Agents based on existing distribution policy, skill-based routing and preferred agent routing
  • New Luware API - Initiate Callback Tasks for a service with a specific target, due date, priority and comments for the agent

Data Privacy Functions - GDPR Support

  • GDPR Support - New Workflow Activity to anonymize reporting data (Customer can choose if he want his data to be stored or not)
  • GDPR Support - Script to anonymize historical customer identification data in the system


  • Reporting 3.0 - New PowerPivot and PowerBI reports with unique Task Results and Result Groups (Each Service- and Agent Task has a unique result in reporting)
  • Customer Journey With Task Results - Unique extended task result information for every customer interaction
  • Workflow Editor Changes
  • Workflow Switch Dropdown: Dropdown to switch between Switch exits
  • Timeout Activity - Timeout activity is intended for IM tasks and allows to check various things while customer is in queue without a chat output to customer each time and ensure that the system is not unnecessarily busy
  • Save To Parameter Activity - Save a value into a parameter and to the database for further use
  • Compare Parameter Activity - Comparison of two parameters value with different exists to continue in the workflow

Callback Requests

  • Impersonate Callback Request as SIP-URI of Incoming Service - For a call virtually transferred to another service a callback task can be created on behalf of initial service

FE Changes

  • Customizable Widget Titles - Widget titles can be changed in widget settings

Maintenance Support

  • Manual Redirect Option: In case of a planned maintenance SMD redirects all calls of another pool to the default endpoint of the current pool


  • Callback calendar category to define time periods when callback requests should be processed by the system
  • New callback parameters to reduce queue waiting time and obtain better customer satisfaction
  • Playlist and Boolean type for placeholders
  • Possibility to install and select custom text to speech (TTS) languages per organisation unit to play announcements or statements
  • New hypertoast «LUCIE» provides additional customer information to Agents when the Skype Toast pops-up
  • Customer Journey can be displayed in Conversation Context Window during a conversation with the customer
  • Option to enable or disable 'Call as' feature in Agent Assistent for the selected agent
  • Read-Only mode and outage notifications to handle situatons when database or PS clients gets unavailable
  • Possibility to check the existing license usage in LUCS Configurator and LUCS Frontend
  • New Agent Performance widget for the supervisor and for agents which can see only their own data
  • Option to schedule Callback task from incoming service if a call was transferred with a virtual transfer to another service
  • Option to send a recorded voicemail on behalf of the incoming service if a call was transferred with a virtual transfer to another service
  • New Service Overview page on Reporting Portal to analyze the performance of each service and provides a compare-function to compare two different timeperiods
  • New Power BI Reports for Agent and Service analysis that can be used as local files and on the cloud
  • Additional KPI's on Reporting Portal for a more flexible analysis of service performance
  • Printing-function on Reporting Portal
  • New Survey Power Pivot report to analyze survey results
  • Options to Update OLAP Cube without Redeployment
  • Possibility to send recorded voicemail on behalf of initial or the last service name if a call was transferred to another service


  • Complete switch to event sourcing as data storage pattern
  • CIC was rewritten to benefit of the opportunities Event Sourcing offers. Better performance and stability are achieved.
  • Adjustments in CI for impersonation support and general fault tolerance improvements
  • AA has been rewritten to make it ready for future extensions
  • LUCS now offers the possibility to let the customer ask for a callback while waiting in for an agent (to be configured in the Workflow)
  • Agents can now make calls (PSTN) in the name of a chosen service
  • Some additional information are displayed on the customer journey
  • Additional filters and notification about OLAP cube updated implemented for Service-Overview on Reporting Portal
  • Support for Oracle and MySQL-DB's for DB Lookups


  • Support for multiple subscriber endpoints in AC
  • Introduction of EventSourcing in parallel to existing persistance layer in order to exchange the old solution in the future
  • Improvements for validation in LC
  • Web-Portal offering reporting options for LUCS (Beta-Status, will be extended in future releases)
  • Support for encryption of the communication between the LUCS-Components
  • Introduction of an optional limit for ExtendedACW
  • Post conversation survey for customer after agent leaves the call
  • WF-Activity "Check Contact Presence"
  • WF-Activity "Probability routing"
  • Support for multiple simultaneous Service-Chats for one agent if desired
  • ExternalAccessPolicy can be configured per Service
  • Extended support of "contextual data" (Parameters) in transfer scenario
  • Implementation of the possibility to dissallow system to log customer information