Contact Center - Please note that skill-based distribution via profiles is a Contact Center feature

A distribution policy can include multiple distribution profiles, forming a call escalation chain. A distribution profile contains skill criteria, acting like a filter to select (available) users for call distribution. 


To use this feature you need to make sure the following criteria are met: 

  • User Skills and Levels need to be created & categorized by their rating criteria.
  • Users have been added via the User Administration in Nimbus to be visible for further skill assignment. Users need to be Contact Center licensed to enable the "skills" tab.
  • At least once service needs a Contact Center license applied in the Service Administration.


(info) Read our Use Case - Setting up a Contact Center which guides you through all the steps below.

A Contact Center service is defined by combining users from your directory with several administrative Nimbus concepts:

  • Add Users - by retrieving users (synced from your Azure directory) and listing them within Nimbus. 
  • Define Skill Categories and Skills - By default your users are not distinguished Nimbus for a targeted call distribution. To achieve this you need to define User Skills and Levels
    (lightbulb) An example skill category could be "Language proficiency" with levels A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.  A fitting skill in that category could be a language, e.g. "German".
  • Assign Skills to Users - based on the previously defined skills, this must be done for each of your user individually. → the users are now Contact Center-ready.
  • Define distribution profiles - basically a set of "expected" skills to filter our users by. You can define profiles as you like, e.g. escalated by know-how, language or multiple categories.
  • Combine Profiles in a Distribution Policy. Multiple profiles can be combined in a policy - think of a complete "filter set" that is applied in sequential order, based on the call time.
  • Assign Policy to Services - Lastly, in order to take effect in call routing, this policy needs to be assigned to a Contact Center licensed Service type

(info) Good to know: All skill-related items listed above are considered Nimbus data entities that use the Organization Unit concept. They can be made visible to only specific services or tenant-wide, allowing their re-use in multiple services simultaneously.

Configuration steps for skill-based distribution

Policy Configuration

(tick) Requirement: Before you can create and configure a distribution policy, make sure you have defined User Skills and Levels to continue with the next steps.

Define policy details

  1. Within the Configuration Administration, head to "Distribution" > "Distribution Policy"
  2. Create a new policy and pick a name that either reflects the intent (e.g. for general-purpose response teams) or a special division (e.g. Sales Team).
  3. Assign an Organization Unit that also will determine, where this policy is visible / applicable.
  4. Define the Distribution Order that should apply for the distribution algorithm when multiple agents meet the profile criteria:
    1. Longest Idle (default) = Will prefer the Agent which are longest available, even with more qualified agents present.
      →  More options for configuring policy details are planned to be released in near future.

(lightbulb) On already existing policy entries the details above can be edited via the "General" tab.

Assign profiles to the policy

  1. Within the "Profiles" tab of a policy you can add/remove additional profiles (down to a minimum of one).
  2. For each profile you can edit the following details:

    NameName of the profile, mainly required for reporting reasons.
    ActivationActivation time in hh:mm:ss when this profile should activate. 
    (info) The first profile always starts at 00:00:00. The algorithm will start 
    • Add one or several User Skills and Levels to the profile.
    • You can adjust the sliders to allow for a smaller or wider range on that particular skill.

  3. Add further profiles as you like, then save your policy with a descriptive name (e.g. based on the skillsets required).

About Profiles and User selection

  • Unavailable Nimbus users (e.g. Busy, Occupied by other Nimbus service Tasks) are always excluded from selection, regardless of skill meeting the criteria.
  • Only one profile and its search criteria applies at a time. Previous profiles are disregarded once the next "Activation" time is reached.
  • When the last profile is reached within a policy, it remains active until the task is canceled (caller abort, task cancelled in workflow, etc.)
  • If there are multiple agents available, the "Order" (→ previous step, "General" tab) is applied.

  • If a task was not accepted by an agent, the check will be performed according to the current active distribution profile.

Assign the policy to a service

  1. Head to the Service Administration > Edit a Service> "Distribution Tab"
  2. Ensure the User Assignment Type is set to "Skill-based"
  3. Assign the policy you created in the previous step.

(lightbulb) Note that this is a setting exclusive to administrators. Nimbus portal users and team owners may not change the policy.

(question) Is the policy not visible for service assignment? Make sure to check the Organization Unit on both the policy and service.

(question) Can't change Distribution Policy and/or User Assignment Type? Please read if the requirements at the top of this page are met.

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