The Nimbus "Tenant" view allows to assign security groups, change tenant details and configure various Nimbus Features and extension apps

Access Tenant details

ADMINISTRATOR As multi-tenant administrator you can use the " Edit " button for each tenant to access and change details.

(lightbulb) Single-Tenant administrators will not see a selection and get right into the Tenant Configuration, showing various tabs.

Tenant Configuration Tabs

Please Note

  • Tabs and available options depend on your currently signed-in user permissions. You may see fewer or locked fields in your view.
  • Saving affects changes in all tabs. For that reason, warnings will be shown in the tabs whenever wrong or insufficient details were provided.

Pushing Tenant updates

Major technical changes on a Tenant-level may require a re-execution of a downloadable Microsoft PowerShell script, using tenant admin privileges. The script will push those changes to Azure, and updates should be reflected within minutes.

A change requiring powershell script execution

(question) Where to find the script? You can retrieve the script either from the Nimbus Frontend Portal > User Preferences (Portal) or via the following links: 

Deleting a Tenant

(info) This setting is available to Multi-Tenant administrators only.

The provisioning script is also is used to push a pending deletion request of a whole tenant. 

Please Read BEFORE deleting a Tenant

Deleting a tenant will also mark all Nimbus services under that tenant for deletion.

(tick) Confirm Check: As this cannot be undone, you have to confirm the deletion in a separate pop-up by typing out "YES" and confirming this step.

After your confirmation, these effects are to be expected:

→ Underlying Nimbus teams shift to "pending deletion" state in the Administration Overview and individual Service Administration views respectively. 
→ At this point Nimbus services will cease to operate.
→ The next run of the provisioning script (see Nimbus Installation) removes the related team entries from Azure.
→ When the provisioning script was successful, all Nimbus functionality is removed.

Good to know

Previously existing structures within your MS Teams instance - such as team definitions, channel names, team members / team owners - remain unaffected. Only Nimbus related tabs and functionality are removed from your tenant.