(tick) Precondition: The Assistant license needs to assigned to a user for the settings to become visible. → See User Administration.

→ After the User has the according license the Assistant-tab will become visible.

Adding Assistant Templates

The following elements can be configured:




Used to Add previously configured Direct Call Templates. Items under the same Organization Units (or higher) can be assigned top this user.

(lightbulb) The templates will be called in the order they were added to the list.

Related Service Settings: Context and Service Call Templates

Note that Direct Call Templates and their related actions only trigger only for direct calls to this particular Agent.

To assign actions for all Assistant users in a service:

  1. You need define separate Service Call Templates first.
  2. Assign these service templates via the Service Settings > Context tab. → They will now trigger for all users of that service, in addition to any individual user templates.

(lightbulb) Note that the same " Conversation Context " items can be assigned to open in both Nimbus portal for Assistant. Context has no functional relation to direct or user call templates and can be applied in combination or individually.