In some cases Nimbus might not behave as you would expect. As we constantly update this products, certain menus or concepts may still change.
To address some of these issues, we regularly update this section with common use cases and address frequently asked questions based on feedback we get. If your issue is not covered here and can't be found anywhere else in the knowledgebase, contact our support. You can reach us via the following means: 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

This section covers frequently asked questions and will be expanded over time. Also check out the Nimbus Glossary and explore the Introduction to Nimbus where we explain our concepts and thoughts behind Nimbus.

Issue / QuestionPossible Solutions
I'm new to Nimbus, where do I start?

As a team owner: 

My Nimbus App won't load
  • Switch away from the app to another MS Teams view and then retry.
  • Check which Azure Account is currently logged in.
  • When using Nimbus in your browser, try emptying your cache.
  • Try the same login with a different browser.

(lightbulb) Nimbus runs on Azure Cloud services. We usually contact our customers when we detect system outages. If Nimbus remains unrepsonsive for several minutes but other Teams applications work normally, contact Luware Support.

My Nimbus team won't show up in teams client 

  • Check for "Hidden Teams" at the bottom of your list.
  • Check which Azure Account is currently logged into Teams.
  • If you still cannot find the team, contact your Tenant administrator
The Nimbus tab is missing 
My service is not reachable
  • Check that your Workflow is configured correctly within the Service Settings
  • Check that you are using the UPN / Phone Number as defined in within the Service Settings. Use the "Test Call" option therein.

  • Check back with your local Tenant Administrator if the service has been provisioned correctly as described in Nimbus Installation.

    • With access to the Administration you can check if the affected Service appears as "SUSPENDED" or otherwise inactive.
  • If you still cannot reach your service, contact Luware Support.

Use Case Listings

Use Cases - Common Scenarios

As Nimbus gets more features and complexity added, our Knowledge Base will expand alongside with "Use Cases" that cover various aspects in a "step-by-step" fashion. Follow them to get a good understanding of the structure and concept behind Nimbus.