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Page: Adaptive Cards
Page: Address Books
Page: Administration
Page: Agent Service Settings
Page: Assistant
Page: Assistant Configuration
Page: Assistant Installation
Page: Assistant Prerequirements
Page: Assistant Service Context
Page: Assistant User Settings
Page: Attendant - Blind Call Transfer
Page: Attendant - Consultation Call
Page: Attendant - Safe Call Transfer
Page: Attendant - Session Hold via Call Park
Page: Attendant Console
Page: Attendant Settings
Page: Avoiding Workflow Issues


Page: BI Permissions
Page: BI Template Usage


Page: Call Handling
Page: Check Activities
Page: Codes
Page: Configuration
Page: Configuration Administration
Page: Context - Fields and Parameters
Page: Context Service Settings
Page: Conversation Context
Page: Conversation Handling Activities
Page: Create Service


Page: Dashboard
Page: Dashboard Supervision
Page: Dashboard Widget Properties
Page: Dashboards
Page: Direct Call Templates
Page: Distribution Order
Page: Distribution Policies
Page: Distribution Service Settings
Page: Distribution Types
Page: Documents
Page: Duty States


Page: Example Routing Scenarios
Page: Extension Service Settings


Page: FAQ and Troubleshooting
Page: Flow Actions


Page: General Service Settings


Page: How to use this Knowledge Base


Page: Installation Prerequisites
Page: Interact
Page: Interact Domain Templates CORS
Page: Interact prerequirements
Page: Interact Service Settings
Page: Interact User Settings
Page: Introduction to Nimbus




Page: License downgrade
Page: List of Use Cases


Page: MS Power Automate Connector
Page: MS Teams Direct Call Tracking
Page: My Overview
Page: My Services
Page: My Sessions


Page: Nimbus Features
Page: Nimbus Glossary
Page: Nimbus in a Flash
Page: Nimbus Installation
Home page: Nimbus Knowledgebase
Page: Nimbus KPI Calculations
Page: Nimbus Personal App
Page: Nimbus Reporting Model
Page: Nimbus Teams Tab
Page: Nonpersonal Dashboards
Page: Not Available Reasons


Page: Opening Hours
Page: Organization Units
Page: Outbound Service Call


Page: Page Index
Page: Paginated Reports
Page: Parameters
Page: Performance overview reports
Page: Personal App Installation
Page: Playlists
Page: Power Automate Use Cases
Page: Power BI
Page: Power BI service
Page: Provisioning
Page: Provisioning Microsoft PowerShell
Page: Provisioning Microsoft Runbook


Page: Queue Activities


Page: Regular Expressions
Page: Release Note History
Page: Release Notes
Page: Release Notes 2021
Page: Release Notes 2022
Page: Reporting
Page: Required Permissions
Page: Required User Permissions
Page: Resources
Page: Responsibility Profiles
Page: Roles and Permissions
Page: RONA


Page: Service Administration
Page: Service Call Templates
Page: Service Permissions
Page: Service Settings
Page: Service Transfer
Page: Service Types
Page: Skills and Responsibilities


Page: Task Distribution
Page: Task Priority
Page: Tenant Administration
Page: Trigger Events
Page: Trigger Runbook


Page: Uninstalling Nimbus
Page: Update Report Data Sources
Page: Upload App Manifest
Page: Usage of Nimbus
Page: Use Case - Add external Address Books via Power Automate
Page: Use Case - Adding Custom Data to Luware Power BI Reports
Page: Use Case - Authorization for Interact
Page: Use Case - Basic IVR Service
Page: Use Case - Building a Priority Service in Enterprise Routing
Page: Use Case - Building a properties management customer service with Nimbus, Teams and HubSpot
Page: Use Case - Caller Information via Graph API
Page: Use Case - Chaining of Assistant requests
Page: Use Case - Collecting data from customers in an automated IVR without agents
Page: Use Case - Connecting to Azure Table Storage inside a flow
Page: Use Case - Connecting to OData via Postman
Page: Use Case - Create Call Workflow
Page: Use Case - Creating a callback task for missed calls in Salesforce
Page: Use Case - Creating a callback task in Dynamics 365
Page: Use Case - Creating a custom settings page for a workflow
Page: Use Case - Creating a dynamic emergency message routing scenario
Page: Use Case - Creating a ServiceNow ticket based on user input
Page: Use Case - Creating an incident task in ServiceNow
Page: Use Case - Creating an IVR Ticket Service with Zendesk
Page: Use Case - Creating and opening a Salesforce-Task as Agent accepts a call
Page: Use Case - Creating Tasks in Planner for all Nimbus Service Calls
Page: Use Case - Define and Use Codes
Page: Use Case - Defining and use Context
Page: Use Case - Distinguishing external from internal calls
Page: Use Case - Exposing an API via Azure AD
Page: Use Case - Extending the standard Power BI Report with IVR Choices
Page: Use Case - Federation IT Helpdesk
Page: Use Case - Filtering Attendant contact search via MS Graph
Page: Use Case - Filtering the BI Report data model quickly
Page: Use Case - Forwarding Voicemails received in Nimbus to Email
Page: Use Case - Looking up a caller to open Dynamics 365 contact context
Page: Use Case - Looking up caller data from a simple excel contact list
Page: Use Case - Looking up caller information and creating a task in Salesforce
Page: Use Case - Looking up caller information from Zendesk
Page: Use Case - Looking up caller information in HubSpot
Page: Use Case - Looking up numbers via Search API
Page: Use Case - Managing Call Data in Sharepoint
Page: Use Case - Merging MS Teams usage reports into the Nimbus reporting template
Page: Use Case - Planning After Call Work with Teams, Office and Nimbus
Page: Use Case - Posting interactive custom adaptive cards to agents
Page: Use Case - Publishing the Power Bi report with row-level security
Page: Use Case - Retrieve called Agent information
Page: Use Case - Retrieving Azure AD fields via Agent token
Page: Use Case - Routing Unassigned Numbers to Nimbus
Page: Use Case - Setting up a Contact Center
Page: Use Case - Setting up Assistant
Page: Use Case - Setting up Interact
Page: Use Case - Store data in custom parameters
Page: Use Case - Tracking extended user presence via Azure guest accounts
Page: Use Case - Transferring calls to an on-call agent from an excel list
Page: Use Case - Updating a task for a known Contact in Salesforce
Page: Use Case - Waiting for a parameter to be updated via Power Automate
Page: Use Case - Working with Blacklists or Whitelists in Nimbus
Page: Use Case: Integrating a customer satisfaction survey with Nimbus
Page: User Administration
Page: User assignment types
Page: User Settings
Page: User States



Page: Workflow Activities
Page: Workflow Editing
Page: Workflow Service Settings
Page: Workflow Templates
Page: Workflows