Nimbus is a Luware cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to act as a customer communication service application. From intelligent routing of company numbers, efficient call transfers, distributed call routing to teams, up to building complex contact centers - Nimbus hears your call to action. Luware Nimbus expands your communication strategy with Microsoft Teams to include already existing teams as customer touch points. The Nimbus user experience is fully-integrated into the teams UI, allowing your employees to continue using their familiar communication platform while interacting with colleagues and customers alike.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model of Luware Nimbus interacts directly within the Microsoft Azure cloud. This reduces the need for additional IT infrastructure and configuration efforts to a minimum, making deployment blazingly fast. With the clean Nimbus UI you can configure service options and adapt your call workflows with ease. Nimbus strives to be your helpful sidekick in any (emergency call) situation.

Nimbus Key Features

 Call to action - Nimbus is distributing incoming team calls automatically, balancing the load evenly across team members. If you need to you can adapt and change Workflow Templates quickly to your needs.

 Get out there quickly - because all features of Nimbus come with a lean and modern UI that puts focus on transparency. Technical details are all handled in the background so all your team members can focus on daily business instead.

 Teamwork made visible - as all team-oriented features are stored in a clean and structured Nimbus Tab, right where the daily interaction happens. Nimbus automatically syncs with your existing Teams configuration, so no additional user administration is required.

 Break the chains of distraction - we all know that multiple interactions can be unproductive, so Nimbus comes with a personal app, focused on your needs only. You can break free from client restrictions by just opening Nimbus in your browser.

 Adapt to the situation - as each Nimbus team has its own Service Settings, team owners can configure service-individual Opening Hours, manage playlists or easily enable advanced features such as our Adaptive Cards.

 With great power  - Nimbus can grow with each challenge you face. Engage with our feature matrix as well as the official solutions page and go "Enterprise" for even more features.

Your reliable sidekick - Once you are onboarded to our cloud solution Nimbus can be installed directly into your Teams application. You can either install Nimbus as an App or run it in a browser window. Either way, your service team is deployed and ready within a moment's notice!

Integrated into your Teams experience

By installing and using the Nimbus app you can quickly access all your service information at a glance and participate in multiple teams simultaneously. Via the My Services tab you can quickly check incoming

Nimbus Personal Overview

All you need in one view

During a busy day the Dashboard is there to access everything you need. Handle incoming calls, monitor KPI, manage team member availability - everything one click away.

Nimbus Dashboard with Team Selector

How we interface with Microsoft Teams

The Nimbus app seamlessly integrates into any Microsoft Teams instance by adding itself as a new tab in any teams channel. Acting as the new front-desk steward of a service team Nimbus will distribute incoming calls and collect valuable Reporting metrics for that team. Past installation Nimbus is ready-to-go, still allowing you to change settings such as your Workflows and Service Settings on-the-fly. 

(info) Learn how to get started by heading to our Nimbus Installation page.

The power of automation

Nimbus is easily integrated with other Microsoft applications by using the Microsoft Power Automate Connector.

Possible use cases could be: 

  • A Simple Notification: Retrieve Nimbus Task -> Task gets Lost → Trigger an E-Mail 
  • Live-Data Exchange during Calls:  On Updated Nimbus Task → Retrieve caller Info →  Request Task Details from your CRM or User Directory → Update the Task Details

With Flow connectors you can request user details and context from external systems as new users appear in the queue

Attendant Console integration 

Enterprise Routing

Nimbus integrates with Attendant Console, our one-click call transfer solution.

  • Attendant Console is integrated into Teams client and available on all devices, e.g. Chrome Books
  • Provides a detailed queue with waiting time and caller ID (using MS Flow)
  • Pick specific calls from the Nimbus queue
  • Attendant Console can be easily activated as an add-on to Advanced Routing

(info) Head over to our official Luware Products Page to learn more.