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Release Notes -  

This is a hotfix release, addressing some recently found issues: 

  • Music Cancellation on Session Start: Added improvements to to prevent wait music being played altough the call has been accepted by an Agent already. (lightbulb) This change improves the "Wait Music" experience overall. We're continuing to monitor the situation and make further optimiziations as needed.
  • Non Personal Dashboards access for Partner/Tenant Admins: Fixed an issue that prevented Partner and Tenant Administrators from seeing "Non Personal Dashboards" in the Configuration unless they were also added as (Service) user to the Tenant.

Release Notes -  

This is a hotfix release, addressing some recently found issues: 

  • Adaptive Cards - fixed an issue that prevented the status in Adaptive Cards from updating when clicking the "Mark as Listened / Solved" buttons.
  • Provisioning Script - fixed an error causing the script to stop at the "Login to Nimbus" message, which occurred on some customer tenants.
    (lightbulb) Your existing script will check for updates automatically on next run. You can retrieve the latest version downloads as usual in your User Settings or the Service Administration.
  • Fixed a rare service A-B call distribution edge case where a Service Agent B gets a call wrongfully distributed, as it was handled on Service A right at the end of maximum queue time.
  • Improved handling in a "Direct Conference" call scenario, where an Agent already in call was wrongfully selected for a second call (ending in RONA).
  • Various fixes for Non Personal Dashboards:
    • Thresholds Audio Files (in Widgets): Fixed an issue where a message "audio resource loading failed" was shown when trying to select the audio file.
    • Date & Time Widget: Added missing timezones for certain European regions.
    • Markdown Widget: Fixed example image <img src> HTML markdown not loading correctly.
    • Entry visibility: Fixed Resources in Dashboards becoming "invisible" when either the Resource or Dashboard itself was moved to another Organization Unit.

Release Notes -  

This is a hotfix release, addressing some issues in the recently released Non Personal Dashboards feature, as well as some smaller changes in workflows and our Knowledge Base:

  • Various fixes for Non Personal Dashboards:
    • Visibility: Fixed issue where Users with "Service Agent" or "Service Supervisor" permissions (granted via Agent Service Settings) were not able to see published Non Personal Dashboards.
    • Access: Fixed an "Error 403" that prevented OU Admins from saving Non Personal Dashboards.
  • BI Template (when Published to Power BI service) - fixed an issue that prevented scheduled refreshes due to dynamic data sources being introduced.
  • Further Nimbus backend improvements to prevent stuck calls that cannot be answered in time.
  • Smaller updates to Workflow Activities:
    • Fixed the Check Activities: "Check Queue Position" and "Check Available Users" to be correctly flagged as Enterprise Routing and Contact Center licensed Nimbus Features.
    • Page refresh in the Knowledge Base. Workflow Activities now uses a tabbed approach for easier browsing a previosuly large page. Split the Activities into 3 subpages for easier bookmarking and access, mirroring the Nimbus UI (Conversation Handling, Check and Queue type Workflow Activities).
    • Added new Regular Expressions help page with helpful examples to various places in the KB where applicable.

Release Notes -  

This is a feature and minor improvements release.

Introducing Non Personal Dashboards

Contact Center

Added Non Personal Dashboards to the Configuration in the Administration, accessible by all admin roles.

Compared to the regular Personal Dashboards the Non Personal Dashboard variant can be managed configured by administrators via the Organization Unit assignment.

Before you start


The configuration of Non Personal Dashboards is only accessible to administrators. Managed via Administration > Configuration > Non Personal Dashboards. The configuration steps are described below.


Service Users, Owners and Supervisors within the corresponding Organization Unit can view Non Personal Dashboards. In the Personal Dashboards overview the different types are distinguished by icons for Personal Dashboardsand Non Personal Dashboards.

Contact Center Please note Contact Center licensed users are required to get the role required for using the Dashboards feature. As Admin you may create as many Non Personal Dashboards as needed.

Extended Tracking of User States

RE-ENABLED This feature was previously disabled due to a known issue. (tick) Please update your BI Template to the newest available version before using this functionality.

  • Nimbus can track and report on changes in User States and related Team Enability (On/Off toggle in the respective services) to the DataWareHouse.
  • (tick) This feature can be enabled for your entire tenant within the new Tenant Administration > "Data Privacy" section.
  • Added a new "User State Tab" to Power BI Template. (tick) This Tab will not show any information unless you have the "Service/User Supervisor" role.

    KNOWN LIMITATION If a user has only Supervisor and not a Team Owner / Service Admin role, only the "UserStates" datasets in the report will be shown: UserStates, StateTypes, ResponsibilityProfile, OU, Users. Other tabs and queries in the BI Report may appear blank.
    → This is intended by design to prevent exposure of individual Service/User/Session data to the wrong audiences. To see a full dataset, the same user also needs a "Service/Team Owner" role assigned.

Other improvements

Release Notes -  

This is a minor hotfix to improve some features released with the previous update: 

  • Fixed an audio routes issue that prevented some agents from hearing the caller.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from sorting columns in the My Services and Dashboard view.

Release Notes -  

With this major feature update we introduce Call Supervision to Nimbus. The workflow experience has also gotten some attention in this update, with new workflow activities and some substantial usability improvements to our workflow editor. Following the recent update to our Duty Profiles / Responsibility concept, our BI Reporting interface does now support detailed tracking of user duty states. Last – but not least – our optional integrated Apps Assistant and Attendant Console have both gotten some quality of life changes under the hood.

There are a lot of things to talk about, so let's get to it!

Service and User Supervisor Roles

Contact Center

Introducing the new supervision feature, supporting 3 modes (Listen, Whisper, BargeIn) and introducing new roles with dedicated access to our new Supervision Dashboard widgets. 

  • New "Service Supervisor" and "User Supervisor" Roles. (tick) Require a Contact Center license to be assigned to the user to enable the "Roles" Tab. 
  • Updated the "Roles" Tab description within User Administration to reflect the new UI additions.
  • Updated the Roles and Permissions page to include the new roles. (info) Note that these roles are also required to make use of data gathered by the new "Tracking of User States" feature described below.

Supervision in the Dashboard

New "Service Supervision" Widget added to the Personal Dashboards

The Dashboard features "Supervision" type widgets allowing any user with a "Supervisor" role to join active call sessions of Services & Users within their Organization Unit.  Note that "Users" in this context can be both Nimbus / Attendant Console users or Contact Center Agents.

The supported supervision modes are:

DetailsWhen Supervisor joins ...When Call is parked by User ...Supervision will end when ...
ListenThe Supervisor hears both Caller and User, but cannot talk to anyone.Agent and Supervisor will hear 1 beep.

Music is played for the Caller

  • Session gets transferred.
  • The User leaves.
  • The Customer leaves.
WhisperThe Supervisor hears both Caller and User, can talk to the Agent.Agent and Supervisor hear 2 beeps.Music is played for the Caller
  • Session gets transferred.
  • The User leaves.

(lightbulb) The session persists as long as either User or Supervisor remain

Barge InThe Supervisor hears both Caller and Agent (Nimbus user), can talk to everyone.Agent and Supervisor will hear 3 beeps.

No music is played for the Caller as the Supervisor joined in "Barge In" mode

  • Session gets transferred.

(lightbulb) The session persists as long as either User or Caller remain

Usage Notes
  • The "Controls" Column is used exclusively to engage in Supervision. A mode indicator will show the currently active mode.
  • Controls will change states when any Supervisor joins.
  • An escalation of modes is possible from Listen → Whisper → Barge In but not in the other direction.
  • Successfully joining (or failing to join) will also show a quick toast in the Nimbus UI.


  • To see and use the widgets and its controls, users need the "User Supervisor / Service Supervisor" role assigned in the User Administration.
  • A call to a service User (Agent / Attendant Consoleneeds) needs to be established first before entries become visible in the Supervision widget.

Workflow Editor - Quality of Life changes

Several UI improvements on WF Editor:

  • Hideable minimap feature allows you to click in for fast navigation in very large workflows.
  • New "Fit to Screen" feature.
  • Now zooms where you point at with your mouse instead of just the plain center.
  • The editor layout now supports activities with varying width. We started the "Check Opening Hours" because it has a lot of of exits that are now easier to read. 

Workflows - New Activities

  • New Workflow Activities added to the editor
    • Check Queue Position - allows you to check the Queue position on the "Current" or a specific other service. 
      • If the call was already added in queue (-→ "Queue Task" activity) the current position is saved into the parameter.
      • If call was not added, the queue length +1 of the selected "Service" is saved into the parameter.
    • Check Available Users  - allows you to check on available users the "Current" or a specific other service and route your outcome accordingly.
      • For MS Teams team-based (User-synceds Services all available team members are considered.
      • For Contact Center Services only available users in the first Distribution Policy level are taken into consideration.
    • (lightbulb) Both activities store the output into Parameters each so you can follow-up with a "Check Parameter" activity and route your outcome accordingly.

  • "Transfer" Workflow Activity now supports Custom Parameters as a selectable target.
    • (tick) Requires a valid UPN / E.164 PSTN as transfer target. The behavior will be different depending on target:
      • Service: When the parameter is matching a Nimbus service, it will be treated like an internal service transfer. Timeout and music on hold playlist are ignored. Reporting treats this as "Service Transfer".
      • Known User: When the parameter is matching an internal user, it will be treated like any internal target. Timeout and music on hold playlist are considered. Reporting treats this as "Internal Transfer".
      • Unknown User: When the target is valid, but not recognized as internal user or service, it will be treated as external target. Timeout, music on hold playlist, and leave Nimbus flags are ignored. Reporting treats this as "External Transfer".
      • In any other case: – including UPN / PSTN number format incorrect – the "Failed" exit is taken.(lightbulb) Please note that this activity does not perform any validity checks. 

Assistant - Support for Profile Changes and After Call Work (ACW)

Our standalone Assistant client now supports features we previously introduced to the Nimbus Web-UI.

  • After-Call-Work (including extension) is now available - if enabled and allowed in the Service Service Settings.
  • Switching between configured Responsibility Profiles  – which in turn impacts the Duty State (On/Off Duty) and call distribution to that user.

Technical changes: 

  • Call Templates (HTTP Request Actions) in Assistant are now split into two types. These are managed within Administration > Assistant Configuration. The templates are as follows:
  • Direct / Service Call Template actions now support HTTP request method (POST-multipart/form-data). Added to Assistant Configuration > General Tab > HTTP Method property.

Attendant Console - Search Improvements

  • Attendant Console search now supports "CONTAINS" operators for Address Books and (user-personal) Exchange Contacts. (lightbulb) Example: Searching for "cha" will not only find "Chadwick" but also "Michael" 
  •  KNOWN LIMITATION O365 directories do currently not support this search method due to Microsoft Graph API limitations. We are monitoring this limitation to remove it as soon as possible.
  • Extended the search to include the following fields for the Nimbus Address Books entry
    • Company
    • Department
    • JobTitel
    • Phone Number
  • Added list of fields covered by the search to the Attendant Console KB page and Required User Permissions pages.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Fixed copy workflow behavior: TTS wasn't saved when changing the Organization Unit.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements to Transferring
  • Attendant Console - Supports of Single Calls via Voice Routes. Session Hold via Call Park scenario is now 

Knowledge Base Changes

Previous Releases

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