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Release Notes -  

This is a Hotfix release to address some issues with the recent feature deployment:

  • Fixed UI freeze issue when moving one element of recurrent event in Opening Hours.
  • Fixed issue where "User State Tabular" Personal Dashboards Widget shows incorrect 'Time in state'
  • Fixed issue where no Service was initially shown in Reporting (in the Teams Tab) when new users are only added to one Contact Center service.
  • Fixed issue in Playlists Overview table, where "Used in" column did not display the related labels to indicate in which workflows the playlist is used in.

Release Notes -  

This update brings smaller features to Attendant Console and Contact Center services, alongside some quality of life improvements. We also gave the dynamic Personal Dashboards some new useful widgets.

Presence Tracking over Tenant Guest Accounts

Nimbus can now detect when your Agents are in a direct (non Nimbus) call for smarter routing decisions

Added a "Presence Tracking" feature to the Tenant Administration -  Allows you to add two Luware presence "guest" accounts which enable Nimbus to poll a detailed presence status on all users within your tenant.

(question) Why was this added?

  • Without a guest presence account, Nimbus can only retrieve a simplified presence status such as "Busy" "Away" or "Available" for your users.
  • For extended status presence such as "Busy → In a Call" or "Busy → In a Meeting" these presence accounts are required to improve call routing. 
  • An example is the "Available when Busy" setting in your Service Settings. Nimbus can now distinguish the "Busy" extended status and plan/avoid call distribution accordingly.

KNOWN LIMITATION For "Away" and "BRB" states the "In a Call" extended status is not returned correctly. In cases where users manually set this status during a call, Nimbus may show them as available and attempt to route further calls.
→ As this is a Microsoft-Issue and we cannot provide a fix or workaround for this at the moment.

New widgets for dynamic Personal Dashboards

Use the new Agent States Tabular Widget in the Contact Centre Dashboards to display your Agents availability easily

  • New Widget "User State Tabular" - Shows the current user states in a tabular view. Introduces new Filters and time-based thresholds for Contact Center features such as "Duty State" and "Duty Profile" to signal changes via audio and color.
    KNOWN LIMITATION - Currently only MS Teams client "Presence States" refresh the "Time in State" counter in this widget. Nimbus Contact Center "Duty State" and "Duty Profile" changes will be reflected in a future update.
  • New Widget "Service Queue Tabular" - Allows dashboard users to see the currently queued tasks on multiple of their services for which they are responsible. Works as equivalent to the "My Queue" widget on the My Overview page.

Other Changes and Improvements

Attendant / Opening Hours Calendar UI revision

We added many smaller usability improvements to the Calendar components used in Attendant Console and Opening Hours

On popular request by our customers we we made the following changes to the Service Opening Hours configuration experience:

  • New visual styles and colors for most day / week and month views. Consistent visual improvements between Opening Hours and Attendant Console contact calendars.
  • New calendars are now created as "Closed" by default.
  • New periods are now created "Open" by default.
  • Clicking on "Create Period" will now show the "All Day" toggle inactive by default. (lightbulb) This is now similar to the experience of double-clicking into the calendar area to define a new calendar period.

  • Fixed a lot of general visual and behavioral bugs in the calendar UI which relate to displaying, moving and editing existing events.
  • Improved display of recurring events and made visual adjustments to the different types of calendar events to increase readability.

  • Streamlined typography and font sizes.

Call Handling and performance improvements

  • Call Handling improvements (for Invite User and Cancel Invitation)
  • Fixed "Input customer" not being recognized (Microsoft issue) after transfer to a service via AC. → The known limitation note has been removed from the Workflow Activities page.
  • Tenant location service optimizations which should improve login routing behavior and speed for all users.
  • Increased performance for polling "members" and "groups" information from Azure.
  • Fixed a rare issue of incorrect Playlists playing in comparison to what is shown in the configured workflow.

Power BI changes

  • New Power BI Template version. Updated the Power BI page slightly to explain the new "MonthLimit" filter parameter introduced with this template update.
  • Related: OData Interface supports filtering for ServiceSessions and UserSessions by "StartedAt" date. (Previous undocumented change).

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