Prerequisites - Before you start

Please make sure to read the Installation Prerequisites before starting the installation steps below.

(question) Do you want to Uninstall Nimbus instead?

Installation Steps

Upload App Manifest

TENANT ADMIN For Nimbus to be available in your Tenant (to allow your users to install it from MS Teams Apps list) manifest needs to be uploaded first. 

  1. Retrieve the Nimbus manifest Zip from Luware. Your Nimbus onboarding team will provide you with a download link.
    (lightbulb) You can have a look inside, but you don't need to unzip the archive for the next steps.
    You can reach us via the following means: 

  2. Login to MS Teams as Tenant Admin

    1. Go to Apps
    2. Select “Upload a custom app” option

      Choose “Upload for <Your_Organization_Name>” option from the opened drop-down menu

    3. Select and upload the Nimbus manifest → A message "Added Luware Nimbus to the list" should confirm the successful upload.

  3. Confirm the App's entry and new version within the "Manage Apps" Screen.
    (info) Also read on how to update an existing app further below.

    Luware Nimbus successfully added to the Teams Apps
  4. Go to "Apps" in your Teams client front end and search for "Nimbus" → The  Nimbus  app entry should now appear in the list of Apps for all users in your Tenant.

Update / Upgrade existing App

To update an existing Nimbus app (e.g. with a new manifest)

  1. Login to MS Teams as Tenant Admin
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Select the "Built for Luware Inc." option and identify your existing Nimbus App entry.
  4. Click the three dots icon (context menu) in the top right corner of the application
  5. Select Update in the drop-down menu

  6. Select the new manifest zip archive in the window.

Provision the first Team to Nimbus

 Nimbus can now be added to any existing Team.

First Installation?

TENANT ADMIN Make sure you are the person to perform the Service Provisioning steps for the first new Nimbus team on your tenant. 

(question) Why is this necessary? During the first installation you will be prompted to select a region for your tenant data After this decision the selection is fixed for your whole tenant and cannot be changed easily, as all your future Nimbus service teams and their call data are automatically stored under that tenant.
(lightbulb) We recommend to pick the region mainly for billing (currency) and data-law reasons. Performance should not be affected by your choice.

Existing Installation?

TEAM OWNER  With Nimbus already present on your tenant and at least one service team existing, future Service Provisioning can be done without having to pick a region again.

(tick) After the Service Provisioning steps Nimbus is ready for login. 

Congratulations! You can start using Nimbus via web login (see "Login" link at the top right of this page), access the new Nimbus Teams Tab created after the successful installation or install the Nimbus app → continue reading.

Optional: Install Nimbus Personal App

TEAM OWNER| TEAM MEMBER Nimbus can be added as your "Personal App". While not required the App is highly convenient for users of multiple teams.

  1. In Teams, open the "..." Options dialogue and search for "Nimbus

    Adding the Nimbus personal app
  2. Locate the Nimbus app

  3. Read and confirm the Licensing agreement. 
  4. Click "Add" to install the App.

    (tick) You might be requested to log-into your O365 account to confirm the installation.
    → (lightbulb) Depending on your partnership Luware and the App installed the name variant of the Nimbus App may vary

    At this point you should be able to access the Personal App directly from the sidebar.
    (lightbulb) We recommend pinning it to the sidebar so you always have quick access.

    (lightbulb) Of course you can still continue to use Nimbus in your browser. A link is located on top of this Knowledge Base and within the App itself.
    (info) Please note that Nimbus will ask for Required User Permissions which might change in future updates. Make sure to review them on a regular basis.

New to Nimbus ? Here's are a few topics to get started:

After completing the Nimbus installation you might want to familiarize yourself with all Nimbus features and get familiar with technical terms in the Nimbus Glossary:

(lightbulb)As an additional option you might also want to look at Attendant Console to your Nimbus features. New and experimental features like these can be found in the Service Settings.