The Assistant application needs to be configured by your Tenant Administrator first before the application can be used by agents.

In the Nimbus Admin UIOn each client machine where Assistant is installed
  • The Assistant license is assigned to the user
  • A direct call template is configured and assigned to the user 

(info) Refer to Assistant User Settings.

Before you run Assistant setup, the following prerequisites need to be installed on each client machine:

(question) What does this App do? The App opens the Assistant view (a frontend UI) and subscribes to incoming calls after logging in. Based on configured Service Call Templates and Direct Call Templates different actions are executed, e.g. opening context in the user's browser or triggering a web-request. All features are explained on the Assistant page.
(question) Which Operating Systems are supported? Currently this App is officially supported for Windows 7, 10 and 11.

Option A: Manual setup of Assistant

Contact the Luware Nimbus Customer Success Team and ask for the Assistant Installer. These setups are meant to be run on the client machines of your Nimbus users (Agents).

(lightbulb) Future updates will be supplied to our customers in regular intervals.

  1. Run the MSI and click through the setup
  2. Configure the following options:
    1. Decide whether the application should start automatically
    2. Choose a folder for logging
    3. Provide the correct view URI depending on your cluster location:
      Nimbus Assistant View URIs:

      (tick) Make sure to configure your web proxies to allow access to these domains or whitelist the complete * domain.

  3. Proceed until ready to install the client.

  1. Run the application and log in with your O365 account.
    (info) More details can be found on the Assistant usage section of our Knowledge Base.

Option B: Installer packaging and rollout

(lightbulb) Follow this method for rollouts in larger IT environments:

  1. Make sure all the (tick) preconditions above on this page are fulfilled.
  2. To perform a silent installation of the Assistant client, run the the following command. 

    msiexec /l "install.txt" /i Nimbus.Assistant.Client_21.msi LOGGING_PATH="c:\Company\Logs2\" NIMBUS_VIEW_URI=""
  3. (tick) Adjust the msiexec command with as follows.
    (info) Also see:

    MSIEXEC SwitchesDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Values
    LANGUAGELanguageenen, de, nl, it, fr, es, da
    POSITIONPositionBottomRightBottomRight, TopRight
    AUTORUNStarting of NA automaticallytruetrue, false
    SHOW_TOAST_ON_SERVICE_ACCEPTING_CALLShowing of Call Flow before acceptingfalsefalse, true
    OPEN_LOGIN_WINDOW_ON_STARTUPOpening of the login window on application starttruetrue, false
    LOGGING_PATHPath for the log foldernoneAny absolute or relative path.
    NIMBUS_VIEW_URIURL for the webview

    (info) Adjust the NIMBUS_VIEW_URI as follows:

    Nimbus Assistant View URIs:

    (tick) Make sure to configure your web proxies to allow access to these domains or whitelist the complete * domain.