During an ongoing call in Attendant Console the possibility to "Park" a user into an On-Hold state. 

The scenario is handled as follows: 

Park a caller Session

  1. A customer calls and you either pick up the call or get it distributed to you automatically.
  2. You as the attendant have an "Active" caller and press "Park"

    → The following things happen:
    1. The calling user is removed from the conversation and will see the following message

      Currently Attendant Console cannot handle the customer "Rejoin" on its own. Please instruct the customer not to use the button since the unparking will be done via Attendant Console.

    2. On-Hold music is played for the caller (customer). 
      (lightbulb) This music can currently not be changed.

    3. In the Nimbus Service Dashboard the call will show as "parked".

    4. The parked call is also shown in your Nimbus "My Sessions" personal dashboard to remind you.

Unpark Call

When you press Unpark → the following things happen:

  1. Nimbus will dial out to the user
  2. The following result may occur:

    Caller accepts the dialout

    • The wait music is stopped
    • You are reconnected with the customer

    Caller doesn't respond

    • Keep the call in the park.
    • Wait music continues playing.
    • You may terminate a parked call at any time to handle further customers.

    Caller terminates the call

    • The entry is removed from the park
    • You may handle the next customer

    During a parked call you are not able to receive new Nimbus calls.

  3. Depending on the result you may now handle the caller as described in scenario Attendant - Safe Transfer or handle the next caller.