TENANT ADMIN This feature is limited to Tenant Admins, managed via the Configuration Administration in the Administration.

When your team is using Attendant Console (an optional App to enable for Nimbus) you can configure the available address books used for searches and call forwarding.

(lightbulb) Address books are limited to the local tenant and accessed as read-only. 

Manage Attendant address books from within Nimbus

(info) Address books added here will add to the search results within Attendant Console in the "Contact Search". 

Add new Address Book

  1. To add a new book, click on "Add New"
    → A dialogue window will open
  2. Specify the Name and Icon
  3. Pick a Organization Unit to make this address book available under.
  4. When editing a Specify the source for the table of contacts.

  5. Confirm when done.

Address Fields

The following fields will be read from each user in the address book and can be used for later search:

Field NameType
IdstringNimbus internal entity ID

ID the system where the entry was imported from.

FirstNamestringFirst Name
LastNamestringLast / Family Name
DisplayNamestringFirstname / Lastname combination
InitialsstringInitials (e.g. "JK")
JobTitlestringJob Title
ImAddressesstringIM SIP Address
EmailAddressesstringEmail Address
BusinessPhonesstringBusiness Phone
MobilePhonesstringMobile Phone
HomePhonesstringHome Phone
UserPrincipleNamestringConsists of:
user name (logon name), 
separator (the @ symbol),
and domain name (UPN suffix)
AddressesstringStreet Address
StreetstringStreet and No.
CitystringCode and City 
CountrystringCountry of Origin
Picture, binarystringUser Icon
External.CustomField1-10stringCustom field

Address Book (Contact) Flow Actions

(info) Via the use of Microsoft Power Automate Connector external address book parameters can be used, read or manipulated during certain Trigger Events of a call Workflow

The following contact flow actions are available:

Action NameDetailsFlow Action
AddOrUpdate Contacts

Contact will be added to or updated in the address book. 

(info) Uses Contact "External.ID" to match and replace the contact.

Get ContactsRetrieves contacts from a specified address book.
Remove Contacts

Removes SELECTED contacts from the address book

(info) Uses Contact "External.ID" to match and delete the contacts.

Clear Contacts

(warning) ALL contacts from the selected address book will be removed.

When performing a search (e.g. from within Attendant Console) the information will be displayed as follows:

Example search tooltip with user details