Playlists are created from previously uploaded Resources and are used as part of certain Workflow Activities (e.g. as a predefined Series of Announcements or Wait Music).

Playlist management

Add / Edit Playlist

Notes on Playlists

  • Max Playlist items: There is no limit to max items in a playlist. We recommend a maximum number of 15 resources (songs, audio cues) in a playlist.
  • Song length: No song- length limitations. Please note that upload may fail when they take longer than 30sec or exceed 50 MB.
  • Timeout dependency: Keep in mind that your workflow elements may have a timeout configured. Depending on that the playlist may be cut short or repeat.
(tick) Make sure that you have Resources uploaded first.

(info) Resources used in Playlists are Organization Unit specific, so you only see resources available on the tenant or your assigned teams.

The Add or Edit a playlist dialogue and procedure is identical: 

  1. Add or change a name in the "Name" text field 
  2. Assign an Organization Units (Team) that this playlist should be available to.
  3. +Add audio files (→ see "Resources") to your playlist.
  4. Optionally you can adjust the sort order of existing entries by dragging and dropping them at their handle.

    (lightbulb) Recommended maximum number of songs in a playlist: 15. Keep in mind that your workflow element will have a playing timeout. The playlist preview is generated as one long consecutive audio file consisting of all your selected resource audio files played back-to-back. The process of rendering this audio file may take a bit of time depending on the amount of tracks added to your playlist.

Delete Playlist

Existing playlists can only be deleted when not being used in a workflow. Otherwise the delete button will be greyed-out and show a mouseover-tooltip.

(warning) Note that usage-entries might be hidden via a clickable "..." link, indicating that the playlist is used in a lot more places than originally shown.