Workflows allow you to customize the handling and distribution of incoming calls according to your preferences. Workflows can also react to the Opening Hours configured for your service and may apply different strategies depending on the time of day or during special holidays.

(info) In order to have any effect, workflows need to be applied in the Service Settings.

A workflow being edited

On this tab you can: 

  • Create Workflows based on existing templates.
  • Change and manage current active Workflow for your team. (info) This can also be done in the Service Settings.
  • Configure various parameters in each Workflow or edit their structure.

Good to know

  • The searchable list of workflows allows you to either delete any workflow (excluding the "active" one) or switch any other workflow to active.
  • You can always create new workflows based on our predefined Templates, even if you deleted all instances in your workflow tab. 
  • On large workflow templates you can use your mouse-wheel to zoom
  • Some workflow steps can be skipped via the on/off toggle on their header without the need to edit their structure.

Adding a Workflow

By default, Nimbus comes with predefined ready-to-use Workflow Templates.

(lightbulb) You can have as many workflows defined as you want, with one being "Active" for your team at a time.

  1. To add a new Workflow to the list, simply click "+Add
    → A new dialogue opens which allows you to name your workflow or select any of the available Workflow Templates to start with.
    (info) The amount of available workflow templates varies based on your Nimbus licence. The screenshot below is an example

    New workflow selection and naming dialog
  2. Define any name of your choice → This name will be added to the list of workflows upon saving.

  3. Confirm and close the window.

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(tick) Finished? Once you are done with the workflow, don't forget to select it in your Service Settings for it to take effect. We immediately recommend a test-call to check if everything is working.