During an active call session Nimbus will send trigger events according to the steps configured in the respective service Workflow. These events are available for selection within the Microsoft Power Automate Connector and described in the following.

Relation between call events, power automate triggers and workflow activities:
Session EventRelated Trigger EventDescriptionRelated Workflow Activities
Calling GetOnNewTasks Trigger during incoming call in a Service Line.None, right after "Start"
Accepted by System GetOnUpdatedTasks  Trigger when incoming call was accepted by the service."Accept Conversation"
Parameter Updated GetOnUpdatedTasks 

Trigger after a " Collect Information" Workflow Activity exit.

"Collect Information" 

(lightbulb) Use "Check Parameter" - as recommended follow-up, e.g. when manipulating the parameter with external systems

Queued GetOnUpdatedTasks Trigger when the call was put into the queue."Queue"
Connected to User GetOnUpdatedTasks Trigger when the call was connected to a user.As part of "Enqueue"
Queue Left GetOnUpdatedTasks Trigger once the call leaving the queue (Leave queue without getting connected to an user).None, right after "Enqueue"
Terminated GetOnUpdatedTasks Trigger once the call is terminated."Disconnect Conversation"

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