While Nimbus can be run in your browser, a separate, personalized App can be installed MS Teams Client. The App can be installed and used in parallel to any Nimbus Teams Tab shown per Service Team and also runs alongside with Nimbus in your browser.

(question) What are the advantages of using the App? Unlike the individual Nimbus tabs for each service team the personal App is focused on your needs. It's combining metrics and information across all Nimbus services you are a part of and provides Nimbus functionalty without the need to leave your MS Teams client.

Features of the App include:

  • Tracking of your daily Nimbus Service metrics and instantly pick up calls from all your services via the My Overview tab.
  • Get personal call context during sessions in the My Sessions view.
  • Maintain your availability status for multiple Nimbus services simultaneously via the My Teams tab.

(warning) Limitation: Due to MS Teams not allowing to open browser tabs automatically, advanced Nimbus Features such as Conversation Context may require you to open Nimbus in your browser. Alternatively you can install the Nimbus Assistant App on your local PC, which allows to open call context browser tabs automatically.


In order to use the personal Nimbus App the following requirements must be met first:

  • You must be part of at least one service team which is enabled for Nimbus use. After the Nimbus Installation procedure - usually done by your tenant administrator - any MS Teams Owner and Nimbus Service Administrator can add you to a Nimbus team, after which it should show in your App.
  • The Nimbus personal App itself must be provisioned by your Tenant Administrator during Nimbus Installation. Otherwise it will not show up for installation within your MS Teams client.

  • After adding the App the Nimbus icon will appear in your MS Teams sidebar. Once clicked can sign in, after which you are ready to receive service calls.

    (lightbulb) We recommend to right-click and "pin" the App right after installation, so you always have it readily available.

(question) Can't log into the personal App? Ensure your user was added to Nimbus by any user with Administrator Role. If the problem persists, contact your local Tenant Administrator, Nimbus Service Partner or Luware support.