Altough Nimbus runs in your browser the personal app is highly recommended to be installed in your Teams Client to have it readily available at any time.

(lightbulb) The App can be installed and used in parallel to any Nimbus Teams Tab deployed per Service Team. You can also keep Nimbus open in your browser while having the app installed in parallel within your Teams Client.

(question) What does the app do? Unlike the individual Nimbus tabs for each service team the personal app is focused on your needs instead. It's combining metrics and information across all Nimbus services you are a part of.

(info) Features of the app include:

  • Track your daily Nimbus Service metrics and instantly pick up calls from all your services via the My Overview tab.
  • Get personal call context during sessions in the My Sessions view.
  • Maintain your availability status for multiple Nimbus services simultaneously via the My Teams tab.


In order to use the personal Nimbus app the following requirements must be met first:

  • You must be part of at least one team which is enabled for Nimbus use. After the Nimbus Installation procedure - usually done by your tenant administrator - any team owner can add you to a Nimbus Team.
  • The Nimbus personal app must also be provided by your Tenant Administrator during Nimbus Installation. Otherwise it might not show up in the App store of your MS Teams client.
  • After adding the App the Nimbus icon will appear in your teams sidebar. You need to log-in and then are ready to go.

(question) Can't log into the personal app using your browser? When having login problems make sure your browser's cache is emptied first, then retry. Old/outdated settings and login data might prevent proper Nimbus functionality. If cache clearing doesn't work, try opening the Nimbus app in your MS Teams client to check if there is a general problem. Contact Luware support if the problem persists.

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