The "My Overview" tab is your personal dashboard, combining daily call metrics, call handling and team presence in one view. All functionality and data gathered is related to all teams that you are a part of.

(lightbulb) This tab very useful if you want to use Nimbus with as little distraction as possible, as everything displayed is catered specifically to your needs only.

Personal Overview

Good to know

By default the Nimbus personal App opens in your Microsoft Teams client. However you can also open and access all functionality within in your browser by using the "Open in Browser" button at the top right.

(lightbulb) Read the Usage of Nimbus page to grasp all other UI concepts available to you on the external tab.

My Queue & My Services

This widget summarizes and lists calls and tasks from all your assigned Services. The UI elements shown for "My Queue" and "My Services" can vary depending on your Service configuration:

  • Call "Pickup" controls are shown only when the workflow of your Service is set to an according "distribution type". This is configured by your Nimbus Service administrator. (info) Also see Workflows in the Nimbus Services app
  • When no Pickup controls are shown Nimbus will distribute tasks automatically to you, processing the "longest waiting" entries first.

Multiple Service interaction

(lightbulb) Good to know

  • When you are part of multiple Services simultaneously - each with their own workflows - a mixture of automated and manual call distribution is possible. 
  • The two widgets "My Queue" and "My Services" directly correlate with each other, meaning that if you set yourself inactive for a certain Service you will not receive calls in the "My Queue" widget anymore.
    → When you got a call in queue and switch your activity, Nimbus will attempt to distribute the call to other (online and "active") Service members.

My Day

This widget lists your current-day caller interactions and resolutions (handled, declined, RONA) across all your Services.

My Day Widget

(lightbulb) The widget gets updated whenever a task is resolved (workflow complete).

My Reporting

This widget provides you with a history report over the selected time span. You can filter the view by:

  • Current day
  • Last 2 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days

Additionally further KPI such as your your average ring-time, connected-time and acceptance rate is updated depending on the selected time span.

My Reporting Widget

(lightbulb) The widget gets updated whenever a task is resolved (workflow complete).