The "My Teams" tab is a quick and easy way to interact within multiple teams simultaneously, acting either in your role as team leader or team member. 

My Teams Tab - Depending your status Nimbus will show different controls

(lightbulb) The view for either role is nearly identical, but as team leader you have additional settings as described below.

The "My Teams" tab consists of the following elements:

Team Name (Header)

Allows you to set your presence status individually for each team.

(info) As Team Leader you access team Service Settings directly via the  icon

Team Tasks / Availability

Shows the tasks currently pending for that team. Additionally shows a count of currently available team members.

(info) Functionality of these elements is the same as on the Dashboard

Team Queue

(when tasks are pending)

Shows the current tasks and - if enabled in workflow "Queue" activity - provides controls to directly Pickup calls for the corresponding team.

Team Member "Active" States


Shows the team member availability and MS Teams presence status. Same as in the "Team Header" you can set your Nimbus "active" status directly to receive calls for that team.

(lightbulb) As Team Owner you may override this "active" status of your team members. This will immediately synchronize with their own Nimbus "active" status.



Allows you to switch to additional pages showing more teams if the current view area is not sufficient. 
"My Sessions" Tab Elements

Good to know

During incoming calls Nimbus may mention you in the chat tab of the respective team. This feature is part of the Adaptive Cards.