Before you access Settings

  • Service settings are available to service (team) owners TEAM OWNER.  You can access them via Nimbus's Frontend menu or in the team headers.
  • Tenant administrators TENANT ADMIN have extended access to service settings via the Administration backend.
  • Regular users TEAM MEMBERS (Agents) will not see the settings option at all. 


  • Settings rely on shared data entities managed via the central Nimbus Configuration. We highly recommend to check there first before adjusting your settings to avoid having go back-and-forth.
  • Settings- and options visibility is determined by Organization Units (OU) and Role Access Concept. Access to certain features may be hidden from view or locked, despite having an admin role.
  • To reduce complexity, settings may be hidden as licensing or Nimbus Features must be enabled first.

Settings Tabs

(info) The tabs contents below reflect the service settings available in the Nimbus UI. Please note that some tabs are restricted to certain Service types and show when related Nimbus Features are enabled.