Within Nimbus the user settings are available at the left side of your main menu. 

Here you can:

  • Log out of Nimbus in case you want to sign in with a different user.
  • Change your personal UI display language and date format. (lightbulb) Note that this only affects your personal view, not actual live reporting or the historical Reporting Model.
  • Manage permissions granted to Nimbus

First Login: User Consent

When logging into Nimbus for the first time you will be asked to grant required User Permissions, allowing Nimbus to query contact data and use call features under your user name.

(warning) Not granting these permissions will greatly reduce the functionality of Nimbus and related apps. This has to be done for each Nimbus user and team individually, or can be done by an Administrator. → More details in the chapters below.

New SSO Login Experience

When you are running the Nimbus Personal App within MS Teams - or opening an Nimbus Teams Tab - your login credentials may be re-used to also sign you into Nimbus.

In this case:

  • A one-time consent window may appear, informing that the Nimbus App will use your MS Teams credentials for login.
  • The "Sign in with Microsoft" button directly signs you into Nimbus (without asking for credentials), or may not appear at all. (lightbulb) Note that session tokens can still expire, requiring you to re-authenticate regularly.
  • The "Logout" button will not be shown, as your Nimbus login is directly tied to your MS-Teams user.

(info) Please note that the new SSO experience may not be available to you until your Tenant Administrator has Updated the App Manifest on your Tenant.

User Permissions

These permissions are managed and granted only by and for the currently logged-in user .

Please note: 

  • You can either grant single permissions or all at once by clicking "Consent" on the "All Features" row. → A popup will open to inform you about the required permissions (it not previously granted already).
  • When single-granting permissions, note that any related Nimbus features requiring the same permissions will also be checked off as "OK" as their permission needs are fulfilled.

(question) What are the individual permissions needed for?

  • Features marked with "(warning)" in the table below are required for any productive work with Nimbus - otherwise the Call Handling features and Apps like Attendant Console will not work properly.
  • (lightbulb) A separate consent request is prominently shown in the Contact Search of Attendant Console upon opening for the first time.
FeatureRequired PermissionEffects
(warning) Basic Search


Basic search for users via name.
(warning) Exchange Contacts Search


Expands the search to the current user's Exchange Directory. 
(warning) Calendar ViewCalendars.Read,
Will grant calendar view permissions.

Shows a small presence status indicator next to the user.

Nimbus User Permissions

Admin Permissions

TENANT ADMIN The necessary permissions can be managed and granted by any tenant administrator - either as single permissions or all at once.

Since Nimbus cannot detect if you are a Tenant Administrator, this will show a field to copy the URL


  • If you are the Admin, simply paste the URL to your browser and confirm.
  • If you are not a Tenant Admin, send the link to any Tenant Administrator to confirm consent for all Nimbus users.

→ In either case an Azure permissions dialogue opens, allowing to grant consent. This needs to be done only once by any tenant administrator with the corresponding rights. Afterwards the permissions should be granted to all future users of Nimbus.

(lightbulb) Each user needs to to log out and back in for tenant-wide changes to take effect.

FeatureRequired PermissionEffects
Advanced SearchUser.Read.All

Basic search for users via name works without consent.

Advanced Search will grant filtering permissions according to predefined search categories / fields (e.g. city, department, job title)

Nimbus Admin Permissions

(question) Which fields are covered by these search permissions?

Fields covered by Nimbus user search
Searchable Fields and FiltersNimbus
Address Book
Tenant Directory
(User Address Book)
Display Name(tick) (info)(tick) (tick) (info)

KNOWN LIMITATION The search covers the predefined Nimbus Address Books fields, but no custom-fields can currently be searched. We are working to gradually alleviate this situation and make the search experience more consistent.

(tick) Fields are supported by search.

(info) Fields additionally support "CONTAINS" as search operator.

Example: Searching for 'cha' will not only find 'Chadwick' but also 'Michael' 

 (plus) These fields have additional Filter capabilities. An "Advanced Search" (User.Read.All) permission must be granted by a Tenant Admin to use this feature.

Given Name
First Name(tick) (info)

Last Name(tick) (info)

Initials(tick) (info)

Mail (tick) (info) (tick) (tick)
User Principal Name (tick) (info) (tick) 
Job Title(tick) (info) (plus) (tick) (tick) (info)
Business Phones (tick) (info) 

Home Phones (tick) (info)

Mobile Phones (tick) (info)

IM Address (tick) (info)

Department (tick) (info)

Street(tick) (info)

City(tick) (info) (plus) (tick) (plus)
Company(tick) (info) (plus)
(tick) (plus) 
Country(tick) (info) (plus) (tick) (plus)
Department(tick) (info) (plus) (tick) (plus) (tick) (plus) 
State(tick) (info) (plus) (tick) (plus)  
Postal Code(tick) (info)

Provisioning Scripts

(question) What are the Provisioning / Powershell Scripts and links on my User Settings?

TENANT ADMIN To execute these scripts you will need tenant administrator rights. Nimbus relies on those scripts to detect and apply changes to your Service Settings, check PSTN licenses and apply the according tenant-side settings and policies automatically.

(info) Also refer to: