The "Settings" page allows any Administrator to configure system-wide settings:

"Settings" page

(lightbulb) Note that most fields are locked as read-only from a configuration file from your Presence Assistant Installation.

The following settings can be configured:

Field Name


Application URN

SfB Trusted Application.

(lightbulb) A trusted application is an application developed by a third party that is given trusted status to run as part of Skype for Business Server but itself is built-in part of the product.

Application UA

The unique identifier for the application in the deployment.

(info) This is assigned when the application is initially configured.

(tick) Value equal to Server Installation "SfB / Lync Server Machine Registration" → "ApplicationId"

Server Application URI

Application that can be run on the SfB Server (should be registered first).

(tick) Value equal to Server Installation "SfB / Lync Server Machine Registration" → "URI

System Administrator AD Group

Allows to define the System Administrator group in Active Directory.

(tick) This should be filled in after the initial login, as described in Presence Assistant Installation > "FE Post-Installation"

Regex Fwd/SimRing Restrictions

Allows to set a regular expression (RegEx). 

According to the expression data entered on the "Presence Assistant" page will be validated to restrict entry of certain users or name combinations.

(info) e.g. only sip addresses can be entered and no PSTN numbers → ".*" → only entries ending with "" are valid

Number of Routing Publications per Second

Number of routes that PA Core can send to SfB Server (per second).

(lightbulb) Recommended to leave at default.

Failed User Detection Threshold

Number of routes (per second) that PA Core service checks if user has an invalid configuration → The user will be removed from PA Core service.

AD Synchronization Interval in Seconds

Time defines period of data synchronization of user details with Active Directory (AD).

(warning) Changes made in AD overwrite user details in the application.

SIP Error Codes for Retarget

List of SIP response error codes on which a call should be retargeted.

(info) The list can only be configured by Admin. 

(info) See list here Sip Response

SIP Domain

List of SIP Domains from which company users can be added as team-callgroup members.