Before you start

Assistant Frontend is described in further details for on the following chapters.

SYSTEM ADMIN Retrieve the Frontend Login URL via IIS, as described during Presence Assistant Installation. Communicate this URL to all users of Assistant. 

MANAGER / USER  Use the Frontend URL as your entry point for all "Usage" pages of this Knowledge Base.


You can access Assistant using "Login" page.
(lightbulb) Note that the look of this page can be customized and may differ in your instance.

Login page

This page contains the following elements:


Allowed values are as follows:

  • domain name\username
  • username
  • username@domain name
PasswordCurrent User AD Password

Allows for the following outcomes

  • Logs the user in if credentials are valid.
  • Shows "Unauthorized" message when invalid username or password are provided.
  • Shows "Service unavailable" message when there is no connection with PA Core Service

Home Page

When logged into the System the "Home" page is the first thing shown. This page shows different contents based on your User Role:


You can log out of the system upon clicking icon in the right corner and selecting "Logout":


System Menu

The System Menu is presented as pop-up control panel that appears upon clicking page name at the left corner of window and contains the following items:

(question) Don't see an item? Refer to the User Roles for more details on permissions. Ask your administrator to grant you the permissions if needed.

Session Expiration

If any Assistant user is inactive and does not interact with the UI a logout will be performed for safety reasons.

The default time of session expiration is 10 minutes, but can be configured in the Web Configuration file. The system informs users 1 minute priori to session expiration and displays a pop-up. Clicking the "OK" button will extend the session for another 10 minutes:

Session expiry dialog

The remaining expiry time is also shown at the top right of the window: