A "Team Call Group" is a group of people who can receive calls and messages on behalf of another PA users

(lightbulb) It's possible to configure team calling to ring to the PA user and his team-call group simultaneously, or set a delay of a specified number of seconds.

The "Team Call Group" page allows PA-users to configure their own list of team members.

(tick) Precondition: The page is available only to RA-users (with "Enable user for PA" option enabled) and is presented as a table with 'Add Member' button:

"Team Call Group" page

Add Member

  1. The table contains a list of team members, initially shown empty for new users.
  2. Add new team members via the 'Add Member' button.
    → An "Add Member" pop-up appears.
  3. Start typing SIP, First\Last Name or SAM of user
    1. If the user is found in in Active Directory, information will be displayed in help dropdown

      "Team Call Group Member" search
    2. Otherwise, it is necessary to enter a team member's SIP in the following format:

      <sip:username@domain name>


      The system only allows to add users that have SIP-Addresses which ends with a known domain. The list of known domains has to be configured on Settings page by an administrator.

      • The total amount of team members that one RA-user can have is limited to 20 members.
      • You cannot add yourself as team member, the warning message is displayed in this case.
      • All team members existing on the "Team Call Group" page are displayed in a tooltip of Simultaneous Ring and Forwarding settings on the Routing Assistant page. 
      • If team members are already selected for Simultaneous Ring and Forwarding settings on the Routing Assistant, a warning message is displayed during last member removal.