With our continued effort to streamline the user experience across all our products we're proud to announce the launch of our Assistant Knowledge base (KB). In the KB you'll find lots of useful information about Version 3.0, learn how all features work and get the information you need quickly


  • Built from the ground up - For this launch we completely structured our content in a way that is easy to follow and navigate through. 
  • Easy to follow - All content is now structured into a clear "Prerequisites" / "Administration" / "Installation" / "Usage" order, replacing our earlier individual documents. A top-to-bottom tree structure approach guides you through the logical sequence of actions.
  • To the point - No one likes to read lengthy walls of text, so we streamlined everything to focus on topics that really matter. 
  • For everyone - The new knowledge base covers all user needs, from administrators to daily users. Our new User Roles page and role information markers used throughout the pages make everything visible at a glance.

 Stuck for where to start? No problem!

  • If you're new to Assistant, head right to the introduction page. It's a great start to get known to the functionality.
  • Or are you a power user who's interested in administration and reporting then head on over and read our Routing Assistant page to learn what Assistant is all about.
  • As IT-specialist you might be interested in the technical facts. Head to the General Prerequisites for all technical requirements or look deeper into the Administration side of things.

On future Updates and Assistant 3.1

As we recently released Assistant 3.1 this Knowledge Base launch just marks the starting line. Say tuned for further updates very soon, including:

  • Release Notes and new Chapters for Assistant release 3.1
  • A glossary to quickly look-up terminology and abbreviations we use for Assistant
  • An expanded Version picker at the top right to select the content you need