To work with Assistant you are required to obtain and use a product licence. 

License warning message shown in PA

There are two types of Assistant licences:

  1. Full license - Allows to run Assistant without time limit or restrictions
  2. Trial license - Allows to run Assistant for a defined period.

(info) The licence can be inspected via Front End > Preferences > License. Read the chapter below for instructions.
(info) More info about this on the "License Expiration" below.

Upload a License

To upload a (new) license, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Front End as administrator
  2. Open Assistant Preferences > License  → a "License" pop-up opens.

  3. Select the "Change" tab
  4. Select a new license and upload it, clicking the "Select" button
    (warning) Uploading of a new license will overwrite the old one. You can also manually remove a previous license by clicking the "Remove" button. 
  5. After the upload - if your licence is valid - the popup should disappear after a Frontend reload.
  6. Close the "License" pop-up.

Good to know

The Assistant licenses have a validation during the upload process:

  • Files must be of ".lic" file format.
  • The license must match to the Luware product (e.g. TM or LUCS product licenses cannot be used or replaced with Assistant licences).
  • The "Valid Until" date is not checked during the upload process, but if an expired trial license is uploaded, the application will have the same behavior as if the license is expired.

If any of the above cases applies, an "Invalid Licence File" error is shown.

Check the file uploaded. If further problems occur, get in contact with Luware support.


License Information

To inspect the current applied licence information:

  1. Log in to Assistant front end as administrator
  2. Open Assistant Front End > Preferences > License

    License Information on Assistant Front End

The "License Information" view contains the following details:



'General' Section


The name of the system where Assistant is installed on.


The name of the company using using the license.

Primary SIP Domain

The primary SIP domain of the company that is using the license.


The SfB Server version of the company that is using the license.


The name of the contact person within the company.


The location of the company that is using the license.

License Type

'Full' or 'Trial' license type.

Valid until

The date until that the trial license allows to use the Assistant system.
The field is filled only for the trial licenses, because they allow running the Assistant product for a defined period.
For the full licenses the field is absent, because they allow running the Assistant product without time limit.

'Components' Section


The section contains the list of the Assistant system components and their quantity allowed by the license.

'Support' Section


The field contains the details of the contract.

Valid until

The date when the support contract will end.

'User' Section


The quantity of users that the license allows for the Assistant system.

License Limitations

The usage of the Assistant system not according to the contract and license is prohibited. If such usage is detected, the Assistant system informs about it. You can either purchase additional licenses or decrease the usage of the product.

A common example of this case is the exceeded-limits-message:



Message Text

You're exceeding the limits of the license for Assistant.
#User: licensed #/actual #
Please contact your vendor and obtain additional licenses or adjust the configuration to comply with the limitations.


#User: Count of Person who have either Assistant or MA enabled
The value is obtained from DB.

Who sees the message

System Administrator: as soon as the license value (#User) has been exceeded.
Everybody: when the license value (Escalation Limit) was exceeded.

(info) Note: the "Over License Limit" escalation value is present in the license configurator, but just acts as a warning threshold with no further effects in Assistant.

(lightbulb) After uploading of a new license file, the Assistant system rechecks all the conditions immediately.

License Expiration

Full LicenceTrial Licence
The full license allows running Assistant without time limit and does not expire.
  • The support of Assistant is performed according to the support dates, agreed in contract.
  • To see the support expiration date, open Assistant front end > "License" pop-up > "Information" tab > "Support" section.

The trial license allows running Assistant for a defined period.

The trial license expires the next day after the "Valid until" date.

To see the "Valid until" date, open the Assistant Configurator > "Home" tab > "License Information" and click the "Show Information" Button 

Example: Assistant works until 07.07.2016 according to the licence information. On 08.07.2016 at 00:00:01 local server time the licence expires with the following effects: 

  1. Assistant SMD system component stops.
  2. The SfB functionality of the Assistant Core system component stops (but the Assistant Core keeps working)
  3. On the Assistant Front End a "Your License has expired" message is shown: