ACWAfter Call Work is the rework time after a call. This is set by default to 30 seconds, depending on the service, and can be manually extended by the agent to a maximum of 5 minutes.
ADActive Directory
DTOA data transfer object (DTO) is an object that carries data between processes. The motivation for its use is that communication between processes is usually done resorting to remote interfaces (e.g., web services), where each call is an expensive operation.

Frontend (Assistant Component):

Web Interface running on IIS providing the web GUI.​ Installs a FE-service to the PC running Assistant.

SfBSkype for Business
SMDSIP Message Dispatcher (Assistant Component):
  • The SMD is running on the front-end of the SfB-Server and forwards all relevant SIP messages to the clients. Relevant Request/Response messages are messages from team members which establish a call.
  • The SMD is responsible for detecting team member related Lync / SfB actions and for the busy on busy feature.​
RONARedirect On No Answer. An agent in Skype for Business is given RONA status if they ignore a service call or do not answer it within 15 seconds.
NRRNot Ready Reason. If the Skype for Business status of an agent changes to e.g. 'Absent', the system asks for a 'Not ready' reason. The reason for absence has to be selected here.
OUOrganization Unit. Used to organize teams of people with same background for definition in programming rule-sets (e.g. for call-routing or access management).

Presence Assistant (formerly, now just → Assistant). Simplifies the routing of incoming calls, thus adding a feature known as target-oriented presence to Skype for Business / Lync various presence statuses.

RARouting Assistant - The Routing Assistant is integral part of the Assistant configuration experience.
Assistant Glossary