"Advanced export" is designed to export data from the system either on-demand or continuously with according configurable options.

(tick) Access to the export features is limited to "Supervisors" and "Administrator" User Roles.

  • The export feature can create a Conversation Detail Records (CDR) file for each job in CSV/PDF format, listing all recordings and be run based on a configured schedule.
  • The system is able to export media files for voice and video recordings, and IM transcript files if available. (warning) The system does not generate IM transcript files from the database if the file is missing.
  • The process can export metadata files in two formats: CSV and XML. The columns in the CSV file are customization and created during the export process.
  • The XML metadata file is the original metadata file created by the recording services. If the XML file is not available, the export process will not create it.

Running advanced export

To configure and export data sets, perform the following steps:

Click on the Export icon shown at the top right of the screen.

A new mini panel with options will be displayed, select 'Advanced'.

→ The "Conversation Export Configuration" screen opens

On the Conversation Export Configuration screen.

Configure the export job according to the options detailed below.

Configuration Item


NameDescriptive name of the export job.
Target Type

Type of the storage destination, the process moves the files to this location.

  • Export to Storage Target
    A storage target can be defined in the Verba system by storage administrators. Access to storage targets, available for export, can be restricted to configured users or groups. For more information, see Storage and export targets. Access to exported files are not controlled by the Verba system, the system does not offer access to exported files.
  • Export and Download as ZIP File
    Using this option, the system exports files to a configurable folder and offers a download option after completing the export job. The folder can be configured in the server configuration under Web Application \ Miscellaneous \ Conversation export direct download target folder setting. The download is available as a single non-compressed ZIP file containing all files exported during the job. The Direct Download feature can be completely disabled in the system, the feature is enabled by default. This option is only available for export jobs started from the search and list page. Once users download the ZIP file, the system offers the deletion of the ZIP file. No other mechanism is implemented to remove export files from the system, although these ZIP files can be removed administratively from the folder (manually).
Storage TargetStorage Target selected for the export job. This option is only available if the Target Type is set to Storage Target. For more information, see Storage and export targets.
Time zoneThe event times in the conversation metadata will be shown based on the selected time zone.
Rename FilesFiles exported using their original file name unless a specific pattern is defined to rename the files. All media and metadata files will be renamed using the configured pattern.
Do not Create SubfoldersIf turned on, the export job won't place the files into different folders based on the date of the recordings.
ServerSets which server(s) should run the export job. Servers can be added by clicking on the >> button, or removed by the << button. The server(s) on the same geographical location as where the user resides should be selected.
QueryDescriptive/friendly representation of the query used to select conversations for export. If a user starts the export from the search/list page, the query shows the criteria configured on the search page. If an administrator starts the advanced export job, this field reflects the query built on this page below.
Send Notification to Email Address(ees) Email address(es) for notifications, separated by line breaks. The system sends a notification to the configured email address(es) after completing the export job. If the recurring job is scheduled, the system sends the notification after each run.
Email SubjectThe subject of the notification email.
Email MessageBody of the notification email.
Source DatasetAdministrators can limit the scope of exported conversations to online, archived or both.
Ignore CDR-Only Records Without Related MediaFor trader voice conversations, the system can create CDR-Only records without a reference to any media. These records can be ignored during export.
Conversation Detail FieldsAdministrators can define the criteria for selecting records for the export job.

When done, click the Save button at the bottom of the configuration page to save and run the export.

Once the export has been completed you can see a summary on the Find and List my Exports screen

(info) You can see how many conversations were exported successfully and how many failed

→ Exported conversations can be found in the export path as wav files.