On this page the concept of users and extensions needs to be explained together due to their related nature: 

  • Users represent people who can log in to the recording system. Users can belong to groups (see: User Roles) and have associated Extensions
  • Extensions are linked to a user. Extensions are phone numbers or addresses configured with recording modes and user association. A user can have multiple extensions.

The User and extensions lists is found by navigating to Users > Administration 

Only system administrators and supervisors (group administrators) have access to user management.

(lightbulb) The web interface hides the features the logged in user does not have the right to access.

Viewing Users

Navigate to Users > Administrations > Users

The user list will be displayed along with other associated information such as extensions, groups and roles.

It is possible to search for users criteria using the filter

It is possible to click on any of the hyperlink objects in the list to open the record.

  • Display Name: view the user configuration
  • Extensions: view the extension configuration
  • Groups: view the group
  • Role: view the role

Viewing Extensions

Navigate to Users > Administrations > Extensions

→ The user list will be displayed along with other associated information such as user and modalities.

Search for user criteria using the filters.

Optionally click on hyperlink objects in the list to open the record. Clickable objects are:

  • Extension: view the extension configuration
  • User Name: view the user configuration

Azure Active Directory Synchronisation 

Stratus Recording makes use of Azure Active Directory to sync users and extensions.

The Luware Azure AD Directory Sync takes place every night at: 02:00 am (UK) GMT

For this to be possible security groups will need to be created for each of the 3 User Roles. The prerequisite for this is registering Verba as a Connector App ((lightbulb) Non-Luware 3rd party) on the Azure side.

Security Group DisplayNameRole
SG_RecordedRecorded Users
SG_Administrators Administrators
  • Please ensure the users are added to the correct groups.
  • This must be done before attempting Azure Active Directory Synchronisation.
  • Users can be members of more than one group, for example a Supervisor is by default not recorded. If a user needs the rights of a supervisor but also needs to be recorded then that user must be apart of both the "Recorded Users" group as well as the "Supervisor" group.

Please note that some organizations may have bespoke configuration and/or rights which differ from the default offering. Please engage with your Luware point of contact if you wish to discuss this further.

Support Hotline CH+41 58 404 2807
Support Hotline DE+49 711 8998 9621
Support Hotline UK+44 20 3300 2751
Cloud Service Statushttps://status.luware.cloud/

Design Limitations

(warning) The Azure AD Synchronization has some limitations:

  • Organizational Units are not available
  • Users can only be searched by a graph filter query parameter
  • Manager / Direct Reports are not available
  • Security Group Hierarchy synchronization is not available, the direct group membership is synchronized instead
  • Connection test is not available
  • Group names are not calculated from OU, instead, a property will be the name.