To run an advanced search click on the expandable section Advanced Search Options

This tab will contain more advanced search functions:

  • Time zones
  • Scope
  • Recording Audit
  • Conversation detail record fields

Please note that criteria and results returned are limited to a users permissions.

Time Zones

In Advanced Search Options, users can temporarily change the timezone of the current search. All time information will be presented in the selected time zone in the search results, when you Reset the Search fields.


By default, the system shows only the online conversations, so the searching will be fast also in case of a large number of old archived recordings. If this setting is set to Archived Conversations too, then the search will apply to the archived recording also.

Recording Audit

  • Recorded conversations: Shows all recordings without any media error.
  • Recorded conversations with incorrect media: Shows those recordings, which have an error in it's Media Error field.

Conversation Detail Record Fields

All search fields support adding multiple query/filtering parameters


Any fields found in Conversation Details can be used as a filter when searching for calls.

(lightbulb) Adding more than one filter uses an AND logic. This means that it will only return calls that meet all the criteria you set here, in the case above it would only return calls from "aryastark" which are PSTN In calls.